Ten Ways To Feel More Confident

We’d all like to feel more confident, right? Today I want to talk about TEN WAYS TO FEEL MORE CONFIDENT! Confidence really is, I mean like REALLY is one of the most important things to have. We could have the smallest wardrobes, the worst health, or the lowest paying job, but still have CONFIDENCE! Nobody would ever even notice the other things! You would be such a ray of light to all those around you! This is so true….. I’ve seen it in action! I’m sure you all know someone like this?

If I’m at least TRYING my best in each of these areas, I will feel better about myself, which then helps me feel confident, and then that radiates happiness. I haven’t always felt confident. In fact I’m probably not as confident as you may think I am. But working on each of these things I’ve listed below, helps me feel so much better about myself. And when you feel that, you’re better to others!


EXERCISE~ Exercise to me has ALWAYS been a priority. I have been thought of before as “obsessed”, but I don’t call it that at all. It’s what makes me feel good, and healthy, and energized…… and confident! I exercise 60 minutes a day every day but Sunday. This is mostly cardio with some free weight training. I’ve exercised like this since my early teens and will until the day I die! The benefits are THAT GOOD! My workout routine is HERE.

EATING RIGHT~ I’m not perfect in this category, but ALWAYS STRIVING! I only drink water, and don’t drink much soda (occasionally a Diet Coke). I limit my carbs, try to get enough protein, eat plenty of fruits and veggies, and DO HAVE MY SUGAR! My treat is usually dark chocolate almonds. I don’t calorie count, but do weigh myself EVERY morning and have always been able to keep my weight in check. But I say that and still find it MUCH HARDER the older I get…… ugh! HERE is a blog on my diet.

SLEEP~ I am and have always been a good sleeper. The minute my head touches the pillow, I’m gone within five minutes. And the best part is…… I don’t wake up until about 6am the next morning. Nothing wakes me up, except for when I was a young mother, I would always be there for my boys. When we went over to Europe for our Honeymoon, I fell asleep before we even took off from Ireland and I literally slept and didn’t budge until we touched down in Las Vegas. My husband said to me….. “HOW do you do that?????”

SKIN HEALTH~ I’ve been serious about taking care of my skin since I was in Junior High School. I loved washing my face at night and putting on moisturizer! Staying out of the sun was another story because I loved my tan. But other than that, I’ve never gone to bed with my makeup on, and I’ve always cleansed and cared for my skin! I find that at almost SIXTY-ONE, my skin is better than average, and that truly does help me feel confident! HERE is a link to all my skincare blogs.

SPOUSE/PARTNER RELATIONSHIP~ Being in a healthy relationship is SO CRITICAL to your self confidence! Being uplifted and adored and respected by your significant other is EVERYTHING! There is nothing that has brought me more peace than feeling that this last year and a half. He tells me he loves me EVERY DAY. He loves God and is HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY and HUMBLE and GOOD. I ADORE him and have been so blessed that at my age, I found him! HERE is a link to my most recent blog on LOVE at midlife!

FASHION & PERSONAL STYLE~ You would think that this would be #1 for me. By the way these aren’t in any particular order! But FASHION to me is SO MUCH FUN. It makes me unique, brings me joy, makes me happy, and definitely gives me CONFIDENCE. I’ve always loved fashion and it has always been a super fun outlet. Knowing what works on your body type is so important for you to look your best! That’s what I’m trying to do here on my blog…. is to inspire YOU to be a little braver with your style and seek out what makes you feel UNSTOPPABLE! HERE is a good blog on DRESSING IN COLOR!

OUTSIDE INTERESTS~ Having outside interests is so important. I have never worked outside of my home. I raised three sons, and was always there for them. And we all know that that’s a very busy job! But outside of that, I always had something I was interested in. Early on it was embroidery (counted cross stitch… yes ME!). Then it was scrapbooking. I’ve made some really amazing scrapbooks. Journal keeping was another. Tennis another, and then golf! I played tennis competitively up until just the last couple of years, where now I just don’t have the time. My blog has really taken over all of my “extra” time.

SERVICE~ We all should know that by serving others we are actually helping ourselves more than we are those whom we are serving. It’s so important to give of ourselves. There are many ways to do this. In our communities, in our churches, in our families. There are a myriad of ways to serve others. It makes me feel so good to be able to help someone in some way. My husband is a great example of this. He loves to bake bread and does frequently but mostly gives it away. When my boys were all young we “adopted” a grandma who lived in a nursing home. We would go and visit her every couple of weeks or so. It was so good for my boys to be able to serve her like this!

FINANCES~ Don’t you feel MORE CONFIDENT when your finances are in check? Low debt, some savings set aside, and conservative spending. This really REALLY does give one such confidence knowing that this part of their life is in control! If you are having trouble, I would just say to whatever it is you bring in…. set 10% aside! THIS lady Suze Orman I think has very good advice on financial security.

FRIENDSHIPS~ Friendships are quite the CONFIDENCE BUILDER. I’ve not always given my friendships the proper attention. They were definitely always second to my family. But these passed years I’ve relied on my girls so heavily. They have brought me so much comfort, they have built me up, they have loved me and have been there for me at ANY hour, they have helped me to see what I wasn’t able to see in my world. They have been a lifesaver and have given me SO MUCH CONFIDENCE! THIS is a great blog on FRIENDSHIP!

So… there you have it. TEN WAYS TO FEEL MORE CONFIDENT! What are your thoughts? I would love to know!

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “Ten Ways To Feel More Confident

  1. What a lovely, thought provoking post. I am happy you have found the confidence in your life and that it propels you forward. Thank you for helping us find that kind of confidence for ourselves. Keeping an open mind and acceptance, strangely enough, have helped me gain confidence….and in varying degrees, much of what you’ve listed as well. Love checking in with you. You keep it fresh!!

    1. Hi Cheryl….. thank you! I feel like most of us appear that we have more confidence than we really do. There are insecurities in everyone. And I love your idea of keeping an open mind! I can see how that would definitely bring added confidence! Thank you always for stopping by! XO


    1. Hi Mary….. thank you so much! The dress is linked above. Do you see just below my picture there is a carousel of pictures? The first one is the dress. Just hover over it and click and it will take you to the link of whatever item it is. Does that make sense? Thank you for stopping by! Take care! XO

  3. Hey Shauna! Thank you for sharing! You inspire so many people to be better and to be a blessing to others. I can only speak for myself but I feel faith in Christ helps you to use your gifts and touch others. As a result you blossom and grow with confidence and love. I love trying to put outfits together with bright colors and making sure everything works together. I am sixty with multiple health problems with good and bad days. I may not be able to travel by myself anymore but I can read your beautiful blog and travel with you. Keep blessing us with your travels and energetic creativity so that we can dress and always have something to swirl! Blessings to you and family!
    Kim Moser

    1. Kim THANK YOU SO MUCH for this very sweet comment! I’m with you in my faith in Christ. He really has been the answer to me many many times! I’m so sorry for your health concerns. But you sound like you have such a wonderful disposition about you, and one that will ALWAYS HELP YOU TO HAVE A GOOD DAY! Optimism is everything, and if we can see the beauty in the little things, HAPPINESS is sure to fill our hearts! Take care Kim! XOXO

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