Top Spring Trends for 2021

I’ve been curious lately about what the TOP SPRING TRENDS FOR 2021 will be. And I would have to believe that EVERYONE is sick of cozies and wanting to DRESS UP AGAIN….. am I right? Do you remember not too long ago, when we all wished that we could wear our cozies MORE not LESS? Athleisure has sure had it’s moment, and even with as much as I LOVE it, I too am ready to break out some fun NON-athleisure style!

SPRING is my favorite time to shop. Fall is fun, but I think that spring is full of more color, and COLOR is my middle name! In the next weeks we will start to see more and more spring fashion as the stores start to fill up with new inventory!

So with that being said, I thought now would be a good time to go over some of these spring trends, and start to think about what will and won’t fit in to your wardrobe, as well as start to think about what you will and won’t spend your money on!

This is what I found……

STATEMENT MAKING TROUSERS. This could be a really fun one. These would be the roomy trouser style that were seen all over the runways. I’ve always loved the big roomy boyfriend style, even at 5’1/2″! These are a great alternative to sweat pants! I MOSTLY wear heels with these because of my height.

PSYCHEDELIC PRINTS, STRIPES, and GRAPHICS. This trend I hope NEVER goes away! And of course if you LOVE it then wear it ANYTIME, even if it’s not trending. I LOVE my prints and I LOVE my color, so this may be my #1 SPRING TREND for 2021! Note: my pants pictured above!

FOLK INSPIRED JACKETS. These have a vintage feel and can end up being TREASURES in your closet. I can’t wait to share with you a blog post on a designer out of Canada, Lennard Taylor. He is VERY CRAFTY and VERY FUN!

VOLUMINOUS SLEEVES. Even if you think you can’t wear this and want to, there is a way for everyone to wear it. It doesn’t have to be extreme! These here are a very conservative take on this Spring trend.

KNIT DRESSES and SETS. No reason to get back in to your cozies ladies….. wear a knit dress or set. I love all of my knit pants. I think the KNIT version takes the COZY VIBE up several notches!

OVERSIZED BOYFRIEND JACKETS. I don’t wear a lot of blazers, but I would imagine that I would LOVE this type. I really like the slouchiness and laidback look of the boyfriend blazer!

HEAD SCARFS. Things could start to get fun….. I’ve never been able to figure out how to do this on my short pixie, (at least covering my whole head) but I’ve always wanted to make it work! I think this is SO CHIC! There was this lady in Santa Fe once that wore one underneath her fedora and it looked so VOGUE!


I love love these colors. Sometimes they work for me and sometimes not. I do better in these shades but much more vibrant. A hot pink is better for me than a soft pastel shade. I recently was sent a softer pink top that I’ll pair with a brighter shade in my accessories!

TALL WHITE BOOTS. I have loved my short white boots, so I’m sure I’d love the TALL white boot trend too. My favorite pair are the first ones!

FRINGED BAGS. I love the look of a fringed bag. It’s very bohemian and hippie-like! I did a collaboration with Reptiles House and got this in white and have loved it!

So how are you feeling about the TOP SPRING TRENDS for 2021? Do you like or no? I’m pretty open to all different kinds of looks. The psychedelic trend would be a favorite as well as the tall white boots!


Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Top Spring Trends for 2021

  1. Oy 😀I’m no it sure, but after being in comfy cozie for almost a year I’m definitely ready for a “fun” change. I think everyone needs color, I’m hoping I can find a bright comfortable a-line print dress & those WHITE BOOTS are definitely walking into my closet 😉

    1. Kathleen…. sounds like YOUR TASTE IS MY TASTE! I’m always in for color and the whole white boot trend….. is not dying over here either! HAPPY WEEKEND! XO

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