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how to wear sneakers and not look frumpy


My SNEAKERS are HERE HOW TO WEAR SNEAKERS AND NOT LOOK FRUMPY I’m positive that we all own several pairs of sneakers. I have some specifically for working out. I also have certain sneakers that I play tennis in. And what about hiking? Do you have hiking sneakers? We’ve seen…

fall 2022 boot trends

Fall 2022 Boot Trends

My BOOTS can be found RIGHT HERE. USE CODE SHAUNA20 for 20% off! Now that fall is here it’s time to put away your summer footwear and SAY HELLO to the FALL 2022 BOOT TRENDS! You can find everything from Western to some slouch, the standard booties and the lugsole…

my fall 2022 capsule wardrobe

My Fall 2022 Capsule Wardrobe

Key Pieces To My Capsule Wardrobe We are FINALLY in to the fall season and even though I might be a bit late, it’s never too late! My fall 2022 capsule wardrobe is always fun for me to put together. If this is planned out with thought, without a doubt,…

how I eat and exercise to stay fit

How I Eat And Exercise To Stay Fit

DIET is key in managing your HEALTH! I feel a little bit unworthy to talk about this subject, because I’M NOT PERFECT! I’ve always been a gym-rat, so that part isn’t hard for me. It’s the DIET part that is the most challenging for me. You see, back in my…

fall fashion and faux leather

Fall Fashion and Faux Leather

Faux Leather With Laser Cut Details FALL FASHION AND FAUX LEATHER Fall fashion and faux leather go together as well as peas and carrots! This is a look that perhaps a lot of you would steer away from. But I’ve found two pairs of faux leather pants that I have…

snacking with California grapes

Snacking With California Grapes

SNACKING WITH CALIFORNIA GRAPES I remember when I was a little girl, GRAPES from California were a treat! My family was VERY large, and GRAPES always won over apples and oranges. There’s nothing quite like eating large juicy sweet grapes!!! I remember sitting under our big Willow Tree in the…

celebrating three years of marriage


Celebrating three years of marriage seems impossible. Especially because it was only a few years ago I could never have imagined that this would be my path!


LAKE POWELL AND WHY YOU SHOULD VISIT I’ve been going to Lake Powell for years. Since being married (three years) I’ve had the opportunity to go every summer with my new family. It’s always one of my favorite getaways. It’s one of the most unique lakes in the world, as…

Cute Pixie Cuts For Curls

Wear a cute pixie cut even if your hair is curly. There are lots of options for you to wear this style. Products are key and make a world of difference!