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Friends…. let’s talk diet for a few minutes. DIET is just as important if not MORE than your fitness routine. I thought it was a great follow-up post to my workout routine post last week. I’ve heard the experts say that your diet really has more of an impact on your health than does your exercise habits. I’m not sure I believe that, because I’m such a fanatic about working out, but I know that it has MORE OF AN IMPACT than people give credit to.

Before I start, I have to say that I am NO expert and far from perfect with my diet, but as I say that, I’m extremely conscientious of what I’m eating. When I eat bad I feel bad, and the older I get the more I notice how my body reacts to what foods I’m eating. I do however feel like I’m getting better, for that reason.

I’m super particular with what I eat. I’m not adventurous and tend to stick with the same things. I could probably count on two hands what I eat. When we go out, I order the same things. Is this boring? Not boring at all for me. I would much rather order something that I know I’ll eat than order something that disappoints.


Breakfast~ Nonfat greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, walnuts, and some cinnamon. OR….. an apple with peanut butter. OR….. a vegetable omelet with a serving of fruit.

Lunch~ Lunch sometimes becomes a snack because I eat breakfast so late. After I get up in the morning do some work and then workout, it can be around noon before I’m done. But it could be an apple with peanut butter if I didn’t eat it for breakfast. Or it could be a salad. For salads I make sure it has some protein in it, and at least 4-5 vegetables. I feel like some of the salads that are available in restaurants don’t have enough veggies in them. So if I’m out I’ll choose the one with the most veggies.

Dinner~ This could be tacos, a sandwich, stir-fry, or a salad. Whatever my hubs is cooking I just make sure I don’t overeat. A serving of whatever is enough for me! I don’t eat much pasta, no rice, no potatoes, very little bread. I find that they clog me up and make me feel sluggish. My husband loves to cook and is a good cook. He loves Mexican food, so I’ve learned to really enjoy it. I don’t ever eat a lot because he fries the tortillas! Yikes!!! But… I’ve learned to incorporate his cooking in to my diet by cutting back in other areas.

So you see my diet is NOT RIGID AT ALL. I have learned to eat the foods I love still, by cutting back in other areas. When I eat bread I have butter with it! When I eat salad I have my favorite dressing. When I have ice cream I eat the REAL ice cream! Being rigid isn’t good….. at least that DOES NOT work for me. I weigh myself every day and this helps me to keep my weight in check!

My favorite treat (and weakness) are dark chocolate almonds! THESE are the absolute best in my opinion! We’ll occasionally go out for ice cream. I don’t eat pastries but I LOVE cookies. My son’s homemade chocolate chip cookies have become MY FAVORITE! And remember those POWER BALLS I showed you how to make on Instagram? They are in my STORY HIGHLIGHTS under “COOKING”! They are a SUPER HEALTHY snack! And I LOVE this kind of popcorn. Not the healthiest version but again… this is not something I eat all the time, it’s just a treat!

Let’s talk diet friends…. let’s figure out what works best for US so that we are fueling our bodies correctly! I’m sure a nutritionist could pick this apart a bit, but it does work for me, and I feel like it’s pretty darn balanced!

Shauna XO

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  1. Oh Shauna this was great to hear! I was just sort of whining to my husband the other day that I must be boring as my breakfast and lunch are pretty much the same thing every day and my dinners rotate through a few options. He said no you just know what works for your body. I did manage to lower my blood sugar back into the normal range and avoid medication plus lost 45 pounds in the process so I guess boring is OK!!! Seems I am in awesome company! Later gator…

    1. Michelle that is SO AWESOME to hear! Way to go!! I just think that if you’re satisfied with your choices and they are healthy, you’re good! I know variety is important and I do think about that, but could probably do a better job at it!!!! Take care girl! XO

    1. Hi Suzanne…. I’m so glad you like them. There’s much room for improvement for sure. I’ll try to post about this more often, as I know it’s a huge issue, especially for us women! XOXO

  2. Hey Shauna,
    I just wanted to say I love your blog and look forward to you weekly emails.
    The new format and logo is pretty and colourful and looks terrific.
    I’m enjoying the new subjects you are covering.
    jules ( Australia)

    1. Shauna you’re my inspiration! I believe you once said you’re 5’1” tall. What range do you like to keep your weight in?

      1. Hi Marilyn, yes I’m 5’1.5″ to be exact! At least last time I checked I was, hopefully not shrinking! I keep my weight within about a 3-5 lb range. Why so specific? Because 2 lb on a little girl like me will definitely show! I weigh between 115-120. I’ve been successful for many years! XO

    2. Hi Jules…. THANK YOU! That means so much to me! I would love to know, anytime, if there’s a topic you’d like me to cover! I’d love to visit Australia someday! I’ve heard its GORGEOUS! Take care and thanks again! XO

  3. I love to hear how other women navigate nutrition. Gives me ideas. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a rut, when that happens I tend to eat terribly!

    1. Cheryl, I LOVE to hear how other women eat too. I think we ALL get in to a rut every now and then and so new ideas can really help! Have a great week! XO

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