Can I Please Just Remember?

Telling A Story….

Friends….. CAN I PLEASE JUST REMEMBER?! I get SO FRUSTRATED when I forget the simplest things! Who is experiencing this lack of focus in their lives like I am? Who gets frustrated when they can’t remember the name of their neighbor? Who forgets their PIN number at the grocery store? Who forgets their flipper??? An MFD moment for sure!

Has anyone ever had a FLIPPER? Just recently I went through a tooth implant. In that process you wear a flipper which is like a retainer with a tooth on it, since your original tooth is gone. I had an important event to go to and completely left it at home… yep I seriously did! Luckily my tooth was sort of in the back and you really couldn’t tell unless I smiled really really big. But still…. as soon as I knew that I had left it at home, the PANIC set in! Was it enough to turn around and go back? Stay tuned…..

This product Natrol Cognium is absolutely so effective and helpful for those of us who are experiencing moments of forgetfulness. All the things that came so easy to you years ago, are suddenly not so clear. BRAIN HEALTH is a no-brainer! Taking care of your brain is as important as taking care of your heart! Have you ever thought about how YOU can take care of your brain?

Natrol® Cognium® is powered by a unique ingredient backed by human clinical studies that show statistically significant improvements in memory and recall in healthy adults, in as little as four weeks. YES FRIENDS…… that’s right! I’ve used it and it’s true!

Natrol will help you take charge of your health and eliminate those awkward moments when you forget something you shouldn’t! It can seriously be so embarrassing when you forget something so simple! Just the other day I was looking everywhere for my reading glasses. I looked in my purse, on my desk, in my car…… ugh! Guess where they were? IN MY HAND! I’m not even kidding!

It’s so nice to know that NATROL is available to me to combat all of these awkward moments! It has been extremely helpful! It keeps my mind sharp and focused! I take it once a day in the morning. Don’t you feel SO GOOD when your mind is sharp and you can complete tasks with MEGA FOCUS?!! It is such a GREAT feeling! Can I please just remember? YES, you can with Natrol!

Now…. back to my flipper. Do you think I went all the way back home to get it? YES!! I sure did! I wasn’t going to go through the whole evening being afraid to smile! I have loved what Natrol has done for me! It has been a game-changer absolutely!

They have several products. One for relaxation, for stress, for sleep, and of course memory. Everything that we all experience from time to time. Be confident in your health. Pay attention to your brain!

Shauna XO

This post is sponsored by Natrol, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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