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Another blog about…. MY WORKOUT ROUTINE UPDATE. It seems I talk about this a LOT friends, but due to many requests, I’m doing another update. I’ve pretty much done a similar workout FOR-EVER, but I’m aware that you HAVE to change it up often! It’s not good to be stuck in the exact same routine more than 3 months or so. And as I work hard each day to keep up my health, I could change it up more often than I do.

Currently THIS Is My Workout Routine…

I workout every morning anywhere from 9-11am. It just depends on how much work I have going on. I don’t eat anything before unless it’s a little bit of dried fruit or maybe an orange. I’ve just never been able to eat beforehand. Some might disagree, but I know my body enough to know that it doesn’t work for me to eat. I can work out as hard as I want to on an empty stomach.

Getting It Done EVERY Morning!
My Elliptical Is HERE

Exercise is the best-kept secret in preventive medicine.

I bought an elliptical trainer a few months ago at the beginning of COVID. That is primarily what I’m using for cardio….. 60 minutes worth, Monday through Saturday. I workout hard getting my heart rate up to 145-150. For a women my age, the ideal target heart rate zone would be between 80 and 136. Mine is a lot higher, but that’s because my cardiovascular fitness level is well above average!

Three days a week I do weights. I only have a set of 10lb weights, and need to up that to 12 or 15. But for right now that’s what I’m using. I stopped going to the gym when COVID hit, and don’t plan on going back. I’ve loved working out at home, and really the only thing I’m missing is the treadmill.

My weight routine consists of biceps and triceps, shoulders, back and chest along with lunges, pushups, burpees, and ab work (planks, etc.) I spend about 30 minutes on this routine after I do my 60 minutes of cardio. I usually do 5-6 exercises with about 10-20 reps. I just make sure I’m balanced…. for example, if I work biceps I work triceps. I vary this part of my routine a LOT.

Sometimes I’ll only do my cardio for 50 minutes and then do a longer circuit-type routine for 30 minutes or so. These are great routines to do because you keep your heart rate up while getting your individual muscle groups worked out.

When I’m ALL DONE, I spend at least 15 minutes stretching out. Flexibility is one of the first things to go as you age. By doing your part to maintain your flexibility, you will help to prevent injuries. I totally believe that often, injuries are because of loss of flexibility. So this last part of my fitness regime is really important!

I really liked this article from Harvard Medical School!

I hope my workout routine update helps those of you who have asked about what I do to maintain my health and fitness. It’s something that is hard for me every day, but the rewards are SO WORTH IT! I have been able to maintain my weight my whole adult life. The time that you give to your health will MOST DEFINITELY PAY OFF! I promise!!!

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Shauna XO

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18 thoughts on “My WORKOUT Routine Update

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of cardio. You do look beautiful, though! What’s your secret for not getting bored on the elliptical?

    1. Excelente…yo ejército Entrenamiento Funcional y Crossfit…a nuestra edad lo mejor es ejercitarnos..yo tengo 57 años

      1. Nelly thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate it SO MUCH! Take care girl! XOXO

    2. Hi Jennifer, I guess I’m just used to it because it doesn’t seem that long to me! LOL! I always use my headphones to listen to music or books! That makes it go super fast! XO

  2. I too did 40 minutes of cardo, most days, then did some research… that in post meno, a woman can start producing too much cortisol (Stress hormone) so I halved it to 20min 2x a week with HIIT along with weight train 3x a week…added more walking. Able to maintain weight ,shape and I have more energy….and time…. I never looked back!!

    1. Cheryl, I hadn’t ever heard of that before. That’s super interesting! It sounds like you’ve found what works for you and that’s the most important thing!!!!! XO

  3. An almost-2 hour daily workout isn’t realistic for most women (job and family demands are variables of course ) but I applaud your honesty in showing us that your level of weight control and fitness takes what it does to maintain and not trying to fluff it off with ” oh, I hike on weekends and garden and it all comes naturally ” . It’s hard, hard work that takes a LOT of commitment and time.

    1. Hi Lisa, for sure 2 hours is NOT realistic! Mine takes a little over an hour and on weight days it takes not even 90 minutes. Still…. I get it. There are so many demands in life and maintaining a balance is SO SO HARD! I feel like I’ve been really challenged this passed year learning how to maintain a healthy fitness routine, and working my blog, and learning to be married again. I’ve had to give up things that I’ve never had to before. BALANCE is one of the hardest things to get just right! Good luck to you and THANK YOU for your comment! XO

  4. I’m glad that you posted this again. It helps me to gain some motivation to do more than I have been! I’m 44 and dreaming of looking this good some day. Thanks for the inspiration once again Shauna!

    1. Hi Angie…. so fun to see you here! THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by! I’m so happy that maybe I’ve been able to push you to do something different. I am motivated by others ALL THE TIME! XO

  5. Like you I workout 3times a week and run or walk for the other 4 days.
    My bpm is around 158 and I’m 69
    Love cycling and being active
    Well done

    1. Jen that’s AWESOME!!!! It just feels so good when you put in the effort to stay healthy! You GO GIRL! XO

  6. I’m interested in how you fix your hair, the process and products you use! I love the way you look!!

    1. You can see a YouTube video on my hair right here with this link. Hopefully that will help Cindy! Thanks for stopping by! XO

  7. Hi. I am new to your blog. I really love your style and my natural hair color is similar to yours. I thought about putting some blond in it, but my hair stylist didn’t want to touch it. I have thought about getting an elliptical in the past. I hate walking in the heat. We live in va.

    1. Hi Joanna, I used to bleach mine out platinum but haven’t done that for about a year now. I would tell you to try and let your silver in! It’s better to have healthy hair than damaged hair. And YES to the elliptical!!! My 1st choice too! XO

  8. I love your style! Thank you for your food routine. I find I eat the same thing all the time too, but I know what works for me. I also workout everyday from 5am to 6am. It’s a privately owned gym and our instructor is incredible! She makes us stronger by mixing up our workouts everyday. I joke and say that if I didn’t workout everyday I would need either bail $ or an airtight alibi. Thanks for being honest!

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