So Much More Fun Dressing In Color

Have you all noticed that when you feel good in what you’re wearing, you feel better ALL DAY LONG? For me it is so much more fun DRESSING IN COLOR! It’s inevitable that when I dress in something vibrant, I will get comments from people. I feel better in color and look better in color and other people seem to think the same thing!

As you scroll through my posts, most of them have vibrant color. I just did an Instagram post about how important it is to know your colors and to dress in them and use them in your style, in order to feel your best self! In fact I’m highly considering changing up the look of my website and logo, to reflect this! Don’t be surprised if in the near future…. you see more color here!

I’m hardly ever attracted to neutral palates, although I think neutrals are very beautiful. It’s just not what I go to first. I see other women dressed in neutrals and love the way they look, but then when I do it….. I’m always back in my closet adding COLORFUL shoes or jewelry or a scarf, just something to punch it up. It just doesn’t feel like me! The picture below is an example of how I feel about color!

Chicos has some great color in their lineup right now! I go on their website and see so many things that are just spectacular in COLOR! The maxi dress (pictured on top) is the most vibrant pink! I only wish I could get to the beach and wear it there with a beautiful hat! And the skirt (below) is absolutely so fun! The COLOR is everything, and the pleated classic design is so easy to wear! It’s a great skirt to wear with a cute graphic tee shirt! Possibly THIS ONE!

The vivid pink top (below) will be a great basic to have in my closet! Even though the fabric might make you think it is only for dressing up….. I say NO! I would totally wear this with some high-waisted jeans and heels! Add some fabulous jeweled statement earrings and it would all look so CHIC!

My skirt (below) is very vintage (I wore this to my FIRST granddaughter’s blessing, and she is now almost 15!) Cynthia Steffe and my heels are here. Bring on the COLOR…… yep, that’s what I do best! I don’t see a lot of her designs anymore, but I just found this ADORABLE dress of hers. This is fab too, also by Cynthia Steffe!

I really feel a difference when I’m dressing in the colors that make me happy! Whether you like neutrals, dark colors, pastel colors, whatever…. by dressing in the colors that look best on you, YOU WILL ALWAYS LOOK YOUR BEST! For me though….. it’s so much more fun dressing in color!!!

Wishing you ALL a fabulous weekend!

Shauna XO

8 thoughts on “So Much More Fun Dressing In Color

  1. I couldn’t agree more! 🌈 Color brings a sense of happiness and lightness that just isn’t achievable by subdued neutrals, gray or black tones. More than ever we need to take care of ourselves and dress happy!

    1. Hi Frances, THANK YOU! Color sure does do ALL OF THAT! I’ve always been drawn to bright vivid colors! Hope you are well and HAPPY! XO

  2. Could you write about styling short hair that is growing out during the quarantine? Our salons have been shut for over a month!

  3. I have to say you wear bright colors, beautifully and effortlessly. It seems there are no “wrong” colors that disagree with you. I think it’s because you DO love them so…

    1. Cheryl thank you! It just proves a point that when you wear your colors you’ll look better! XO

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