The Possibilities of One Little Silk Blouse

I’m talking about the possibilities of ONE LITTLE SILK BLOUSE…… what I mean is I love to take something new and add it to something already in my closet. This gives it an instant update as well as more mileage out of your clothes! And the possibilities are numerous!

It’s super easy to get get in a rut with your clothes. We tend to see what we’ve always seen in them, in terms of styling. When this top came from Chicos, I knew the style of it would look best with a pencil skirt, so that’s where I went first. I’ve seriously had this skirt for at least FIFTEEN years. I bought it when my first granddaughter was born. When I saw the pink in it, I knew that it would be the one that I’d pair it with first. I found some sparkly colorful hoops to go with it and then the yellow heels were just the icing on the cake for me!

When I shop, I usually don’t shop for outfits. I shop for individual pieces that I need, or sometimes just because they catch my eye. I feel like this is a great way to add pieces in to your wardrobe that you truly love! This one little silk blouse is an example of that. I LOVED the color and the classic cut. It’s the kind of top that will ALWAYS be in style! So…. here are my ideas of the possibility of one little silk bouse.


I really love this color-blocked look with the pink and blue. I added a softer pink heel, ON SALE by the way and gorgeous! The whimsical earrings and clear bracelet are beautiful accessories. This would be so pretty for a wedding, or if and when you’re back in the office, it could be office attire! It’s very polished and yet FUN!


I LOVE this look with the ripped jeans and heels! So casual but still all dressed up with the pink sandals! Such an adorable combination! THIS would be my favorite way to wear this top!


And the last way which is so right for spring and summer, would be with some crisp white jeans and low sandals. I LOVE this scarf used as a belt! Add a contrasting earring and fun bag, and you’ll be ready for lunch with your honey….. hopefully soon!

So there you see the ways I’ve visualized this pretty pink blouse. The possibilities of one little silk blouse can really be way. more than you may have thought! It’s versatile and classic and long-lasting! You’ll definitely get your wear out of this one!


Shauna XO

My heels are here.