What’s To LOVE About The Sheath Dress

What’s to LOVE about the sheath dress? I have to say that this style is most of the time not what I go for first. If you’ve followed me long enough you know that my eye will first will go to COLOR, PATTERN, and FRILLS. When I was dating my husband I wore this out to an event once. HE LOVED it. I think he raved more about this dress than anything I had worn prior. The color was just perfect and definitely ALL ME! But I think what was even more flattering was the cut….. at least to him!

Now I’m not saying that you should wear what your husband or partner likes. In fact I believe the opposite, that you should wear what YOU like! There’s even a hashtag #WearWhatYouLove Wearing what you love is the first step to CONFIDENCE!

The sheath dress is classic and timeless for ANY body shape. Fit is key for this style! You don’t want to feel like it’s squeezing you…. ANYWHERE! It needs to be fitted but not clingy and not tight. I prefer the length to be just below the knee, but just above works too.

RELATED BLOG here in RED LACE. I STILL have this dress. I bought it over five years ago, and it’s still very current!

I’ve come to really LOVE the sheath dress. The one above I bought for my husband’s granddaughter’s wedding. This was what I wore to her wedding dinner and reception and the look below was what I wore to the temple for her ceremony. She wanted an all white wedding and so these are what I chose. The sheath dress… classic and simple so as not to take anything away from the bride. HE loved it, but so did I! The dress below that I wore to the temple….. a bit more frilly and girly which I felt was appropriate for just the ceremony. It’s actually sold out so not available. But this is the brand.


So WHAT’S TO LOVE ABOUT THE SHEATH DRESS??? Well aside from it being flattering and classic, this dress will ALWAYS be in style. You could have this in your closet forever! This style could be worn to a wedding, to the office, or what about a cruise ship? The one I have on here comes in four other colors by the way…. black, navy, red, and aubergine.


Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “What’s To LOVE About The Sheath Dress

  1. You look so beautiful and elegant in that lovely white sheath! No wonder your husband loved it on you!

    1. Kathy THANK YOU! I really did fall in love with the sheath dress after this one. It’s such a flattering cut! Thanks so much for your KIND words and hope to see you again real soon! XO

  2. Oh my that quote from Coco Chanel just sums you up Shauna! I love your style, so inspiring and you always look amazing! It’s lovely that your hubby loved your dress too. I always dress for myself but it’s great when you get a compliment from your man! 🥰 Look forward to your next post xx

    1. Sharon yes I LOVE Coco! You are so sweet to stop by and for your LOVELY words! Thank you so much! And it will never get old to get a compliment from you man! XOXO

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