JEANS And My Top Picks For Fall

JEANS and my TOP picks for fall today! Ladies…… what is your favorite style when it comes to jeans? I feel like I am all over the board here. I’ve always loved so many different looks of ALL TYPES of clothing, jeans being just one. I have skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans, high-rise jeans, tie-waist jeans, and boyfriend jeans. And, I love them all and will choose which ones to wear based on where I’m going and how dressy I want to look. Dress ANY of them up in a flash with your favorite heels!

I thought it was time to do an updated blog on JEANS and my TOP PICKS for fall! There are so many fun options and looks available right now. And as we move in to the cooler weather, we will all be wearing our jeans much more.

This pair would be considered a boyfriend style. They have an elastic waist, which if you are in-between sizes or fluctuate with your weight at all, these would be great for you! I liked them best with a belt, but definitely could be worn without. They have some super cute distressing to them, and would be the pair that I would pick to wear if I’m going to be at home working. There’s no binding feeling or restriction at all with these.


HIGH WAIST CROP~ I think these are so cute with boots like these!

HIGH WAIST BOOT CUT~ I’m considering getting these LEVIS boot cut pair. They have 1% elastane in them for comfort. I love the vintage dark wash and orange stitching on these!

PALAZZO STYLE~ I’ve always loved this look. They can look so elegant with a beautiful sweater and heels or a blazer!

SKINNY FIVE BUTTON JEANS~ I LOVE a button front on my jeans. These skinny type have some great distressing.

BOYFRIEND JEANS~ This pair have the perfect slouch. Would you wear heels with them? I WOULD!

BLACK STRAIGHT LEG~ I prefer a black wash over a solid black jean. These are fairly basic, again with the button front. I also really like the raw hem on these.

GRAY STRAIGHT LEG~ This pair come in at less than $30 and really fun with this clay color! They’re also a great way to get away from the basic blue denim.

EMBELLISHED~ If you are a fan of the embellished style, these are adorable. The embroidery is done in pretty shades of fall. They look adorable with THIS kimono/wrap.

HIGH WAIST CARAMEL COATED~ I bought these at the Nordstrom Sale. I think they are going to be such fun with tall boots, slouchy boots, sweaters, and jackets!

JUST FOR FUN WIDE-LEG~ These are a bit over-the-top for most, but I would TOTALLY wear them. To bring them down a bit I would wear a basic tee or even a white button-down shirt and simple booties.

Before you go spend money on new jeans, you have to know what works for YOU….. what are the best styles for your body shape? What are you most comfortable in? Stick with those things and you won’t go wrong! Jeans and my top picks for fall, may just be an inspiration board for YOU right now, until it’s time to go out shopping! Which are your favorites?

Shauna XO

6 thoughts on “JEANS And My Top Picks For Fall

  1. I cant believe anyone would even want to be mean to you except that their jealous and jealousy is so evil! I think your beautiful and so helpful in all you do! Thank you for alwayss being right on and so kind and helpful!

    1. Laura….. YOU just made my day girl! THANK YOU!! I don’t let those comments bother me too much. I’m just mostly shocked that grown people can act that way. It’s really sad for them. YOU are why I do what I do. We all need to lift one another up regardless of our age! HAVE A HAPPY WEEK! XO

  2. Such a variety of choices out there! I live in jeans and have them in every basic color and weight. . My preferred are straight, slim cut ( like the copper photo). I did buy a high waist boot cut and like them a lot. I love fall best as I get to bring out the cozy sweaters to wear with my jeans.

    1. Kathy I would dare say that I think MOST women prefer the skinny type. I think I just like TOO MANY styles. And whatever you FEEL BEST IN…. is the right pair for you! Aren’t those copper ones awesome? I’ll be posting them soon! And YAY for fall! MY FAVORITE….. sweaters, scarves, boots, and hot chocolate!!!! XO

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