Turning Sixty Years Old Today

Turning sixty years old today, and I feel like this is the decade that may kick my butt! I remember clear back to when I turned thirty. It was a time in my life where I had some serious back issues. I noticed that year that I got a lot more tired than I had before, and I noticed differences in the texture of my skin. And just thirty years old…. WOW! Now, I’ve doubled that age and I honestly feel some of these same big differences.

I don’t mean to sound so down about my age, and believe me I’ve never been afraid to say my age or admit how old I am. If anything, I’m proud of my age because all those years have given me much confidence and wisdom and all that. I truly believe that AGE IS JUST A NUMBER! It really IS!

And that leads me to….. acknowledging all the GOOD that has come to me over these last sixty years. At this age it absolutely feels unbelievable to me, of what’s happened in my life in just a couple of years. I have never worked before. I’ve never had a career except for my family. They were always my focus. I was lucky that I was able to stay home with them all through their growing up, and until they left home.

Back four years ago, the thought of starting a blog was just a thought. It has now morphed in to a business and a brand and a whole LOT OF WORK! I have been so blessed by it! It gave me a life, it gave me a way out of my marriage, it gave me a platform to speak to women, it gave me a purpose, and it led me to my new husband. I couldn’t have picked a better job for myself, and most definitely couldn’t have imagined a job such as this!

My sixty years have given me my family of three awesome sons and their wives, seven beautiful grandchildren, four amazing stepchildren and their spouses, and five sweet stepgrandchildren, and an amazing man that I’ve now been married to for just over six months. I’m grateful for each one and the love and support they give to me, as well as the lessons they teach me.

I’m blessed with an enormous support of friends, which most of them have come to me through my blog! These women have truly made me a better person. They were there for me during my darkest days, and a lot of them knew everything and were there to guide me when I couldn’t see a way out. Oh how grateful I am for EACH ONE!

I have been blessed with amazing health. I have always been so lucky to have high energy and a DESIRE to do what I needed to, to STAY THAT WAY! I’ve always prided myself with the fact that I NEVER got sick. My immune system was strong and I always dodged everything that came around. But towards the end of last year, I got a little cold. It turned in to at least TWO WEEKS of feeling really crappy! I was tired, SO TIRED! It was completely frustrating and so foreign to me! I was so rundown from the months and year before…… I got divorced, I moved, I got married, I was running my blog, I got married, and my father passed away. Those are some HUGE changes!!

Turning sixty years old today, and I feel very healthy and so alive and well! I’m HAPPY and I FEEL SAFE and CONFIDENT in my marriage! Just that alone changes EVERYTHING! But I also feel so much more tired…. like back how I felt when I was turning thirty! When I was out walking this morning, I could feel how achy my feet were. I’m starting to feel a little something something in my knee that I had ACL surgery on a few years ago. If I sleep in the wrong position my back hurts. I’m getting so stiff and don’t move quite as fast.

I HATE TO ADMIT, that age may be catching up to me! I am such a FIGHTER and have the disposition to push harder, work harder, do better, be better, and I’m not one to give in to my age! This is how I look at each day….

I get up and consider it A NEW DAY, A NEW CHALLENGE, A CHANCE TO DO MY DAY BETTER THAN YESTERDAY! As long as I’m moving forward and ENJOYING the process, then I’m HAPPY! There is so much in life to enjoy and be grateful for! I seriously do recognize these blessings every single day and acknowledge them to my God. HE has blessed me beyond measure!

Just some final thoughts as I’m turning sixty years old today….. BE YOUR BEST SELF! YOU are one of kind, truly, and only YOU can do YOU, and that is enough! You have things to offer to the rest of us, like me! I have learned so much in this world of social media! I have been inspired and continue to be inspired by each one of you! Thank you for following along with me here on my blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! Links to all these platforms are at the bottom of my home page here on my blog under FOLLOW ME!


Shauna XOXOXOxoXOxoxoXOXOxo

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36 thoughts on “Turning Sixty Years Old Today

  1. Happy Birthday! Have a fabulous day! You are inspiring and give us a bright spot in these crazy times.

    1. Turning 60 in Oct. feeling great! You look fab of course! I copy you hair but mine is not as thick but I make due!

      1. Hi Dawn… thank you for your sweet message! I’m so happy that YOU FEEL GREAT AT 60 TOO! XO

  2. Happy Birthday!! You are a doll and a true inspiration!!..I turned 60 last November and I hear you loud and clear!!
    Every day is a gift and a blessing from God!..so glad you share that also!!

    1. Lyn you are SO KIND! SIXTY is the new FOURTY, right?!!!!! THANK YOU for the good wishes sweetie! XOXO

  3. Happy Birthday, beautiful lady!!!
    We haven’t met, but I want you to know you’re the inspiration behind my desire to reinvent myself with a new look. At 65, I’ve battled going gray for years, leading into highlights, lowlights, and constant fading. I wear my hair short, too, and get it cut every 4 weeks. I had saved many of your pics to my FABULOUS HAIRSTYLES page on Pinterest, and always admired your fun, chic look and sense of style. About 3 weeks ago, I made up my mind to go WHITE, as I have a lot of white, with some gray left. I was so excited and anxious waiting for the day of my appointment, but it finally came! 6 hours later, my hair was a pale beige-blonde. Pretty, but not what I was looking for. My stylist sent me home with purple shampoo, and I returned a few days later for a toner. It’s now been 2 1/2 weeks, and I used the Wells T18 toner with 20v developer a couple of days ago, but only for 10 minutes. It turned my hair gray, so I must have over-toned it. Several shampoos, conditioning and Olaplex treatments later, it’s a much brighter, lighter grayish tone, but closer to white. I didn’t have a clue how hard it would be to get to white, or how difficult it would be to maintain it, but I haven’t given up yet!!! You’re my inspiration, and I am too determined to give up!!!
    Thank you, so very much!
    Have a FANTASTIC birthday!!!

    1. Hi Runa, I remember when I first went from brunette to platinum, it was about six hours I think. The purple shampoo really does work well, so continue with that. THIS too…. is what I still use. But THANK YOU for your kind words! I have the best support here and am so happy that you are uplifted by following me! It’s THE BEST part of my job! XOXO


  4. I’m a positive person too who is also blessed with great health. I’m turning 59 on the 20th. I don’t know how time goes so quickly. We just have to put out trust in God and do our best everyday. Happy birthday.

    1. Hi Joann…. YES you are RIGHT! Trusting in HIM especially NOW is the BEST THING TO DO!!!! XOXO

  5. Shauna
    Ordered your hot pink lip gloss and received it right away…just got home from vaca and received another one in the mail. What would you like me to do with it?

    1. Lyn…. OOPSIE! I’m not sure what happened? My mistake. Just go ahead and keep it! Maybe someone you know would love to have it? XOXO

  6. Shauna,
    I stumbled upon your IG, not long after you started this journey and so glad I did!! Even though we have never met in person, I know in my heart we are kindred spirits. Your sweet spirit , courage, and good heart just shines through in everything you do. Thank you for showing us all what a beauty really means and sharing your life with us. I just love you for being YOU!!! I hope you had the best birthday ever!!! Keep shining🎂🎉🎉🎂

  7. Happy Birthday Shauna Here’s to being Sexy, Sassy, and Sixty Thanks for your inspiration. Love your encouragement, spirit, and beauty, you let us all know we’re fabulous at any age.

    1. Hi Cheryl….. THANK YOU to one of my GREATEST and most LOYAL FRIENDS!!!! LOVE you and please TAKE CARE girl! XO

  8. Happy Birthday Shauna! Sixty looks good on you! I turned 60 last month and notice the same “changes”. I’ve always been active (way back to Jazzercise at 20) and age has never stopped me from doing anything. But now I notice more changes in my recover time, twinges in my hips and shoulders when working out and then there are the changes I see in the mirror — skin that has a few more wrinkles isn’t as tight. A couple of pounds have shown up on the scale even though my diet has not changed. But I’m happy! I’m overall healthy — take no prescription meds and I’m still active — just not like a 20 year old! Blessings are all around me and that’s what I focus on. Wishing you many blessings in this next decade!

    1. Hi Diane, SO HAPPY to hear that you have this mindset of not a particular number but that you ARE HEALTHY!!!!!! BRAVO! There is SO MUCH to be grateful for, and just that you have an optimistic personality…. will get you a LONG WAY!!!! BEST WISHES girlfriend! XOXO

  9. Happy Birthday! I can relate to how your feeling. I’ll be 65 this May, and though I don’t look it ( thankful for my parents genes) my challenges have been many. At age of 30 I was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease, at the early age of 40 I too injured my knee had surgery, but in my early 50’s had total knee replacement,5 months after my knee I suffers a heart attack! I survived many obstacles and always got back on my feet feeling better & educated on the importance of taking care of one’s self. Unfortunately, not everything can be controlled. This past October I was diagnosed with breast cancer DSIC Stage 0 (in duct) I chose to have a Lumpectomy, before I had my surgery I needed many different clearances, I had surgery & unfortunately the surgery led to an infection & they needed to go back in & take more of the breast which left a hole to be healed from inside out. Well I’m happy to say after private nurse coming 2x a week, and my partner helping my healing process I’m doing well. Within the next few weeks I will be prepping for radiation hoping that during this difficult time I will be faced with extra challenges staying safe. Why have I shared this with you and your fans, well firstly it feels good to release some of my aniexty, but mostly when some people say “how do you handle this all”?, One, I have no choice, but I believe that my God gave me these challenges because he knows that I can handle them, but most of all ” With Faith Comes Strength” ( my new tattoo when I beat Cancer). Thank you for letting me share. Best wishes and Happy Birthday!🎂

    1. Hi Kathleen….. WOW girl! You have had, no doubt, MORE than your share of trials. I LOVE your attitude! NOTHING is going to stop you from finding JOY and PEACE, and I believe as you, that it is through God. HE has always been there for me and I know if we are sincere in asking for HIS help, we will receive it! ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTION! Best wishes and MANY BLESSINGS to you in your journey! I will be sending lots of PRAYERS your way! XOXOXO

  10. Happy Birthday!
    You are proof that 60 is the new 40.
    I remember my mother being so old in mind, body, and spirit at 60. We are fortunate to have role models like you who show us how sexy, beautiful, stylish, and smart we an be at any age.
    Well done!

    1. Hi Bindi! Yes it honestly is THE NEW 40! Age is a mindset. Age is a only a number. Age is irrelevant! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your sweet message! Take care girl! XO

  11. Happy Birthday! Thank you for all your positive energy and being there just when I need a boost of encouragement! Thanks for sharing your faith, praising God through the storms was new for me, but what a game changer is was. I never understood the passage and the peace of God that passes all understanding, I do now. You keep me inspired to be the best I can be. My big 60 is Dec and it’s playing head games, I am so very blessed! We need to be that shining light for others! Blessings my friend! To the next 60 years!

    1. Janice you are SO SWEET! THANK YOU for your kind comment! It’s so rewarding to me to know that I had a positive impact on someone! You sound like a very optimistic person which is AWESOME! Keep being that way…. we need more like YOU! XO

  12. You are absolutely adorable and don’t look “60” at all! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words each and every post! Yes, we are so blessed to have a God that loves and takes care of us so well! I can also relate to feeling more tired, etc. too! I am 63 and do feel what you feel as well. Also, I have a friend that calls her step grandchildren, Bonus Children! I love that!! Take care and God Bless!!

    1. Hey Paula….. YES I LOVE the idea of BONUS CHILDREN, and boy did I ever get lucky in that department! They are ALL SO GOOD TO ME! I’m so happy that you enjoy my blog and hope that I won’t ever disappoint! Keep ROCKIN girl!!! XO

  13. I just recently started following you and wanted to say how much you inspire me! Happy 60th, I will turn 59 tomorrow (I don’t know why we say “turn”…like the milk is going bad! LOL!). You have a Beautiful gift of relating to us gals on many different things. Keep up the great content and have a fabulous birthday!

    1. Hi Pam! THANK YOU for your sweet comment! I hope that YOU had a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!!!!!! Remember that AGE is JUST a NUMBER!!!!!! Take care! XO

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! Thank you for being you. You are such an inspiration, not afraid of being real and admitting everything isn’t always peaches and roses but just take one day at a time and be thankful for that day.

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