Midi Skirts and Pretty Blouses

It doesn’t get any girlier than midi skirts and pretty blouses! This type of skirt is extremely versatile, flattering, and super feminine! It can also be worn pretty much anyway you’d like, dressed up or down! Remember though to show your waist! Tucked in is a better look with this style of skirt!

This is all from my closet, and I really had forgotten how good this skirt is! I loved the snakeskin booties with it. An example of older items that have been updated with something newer… the booties being the most recent. I think the skirt has to be several years old, the top over a year old, and the booties are from this past winter.

Midi skirts are a classic and definitely will work for anyone! They cover, they are comfy, and they are classy! This one is made of a very light and airy fabric. I’ve worn this in the fall with a sweater, and even would wear it during the winter with maybe a faux fur jacket!

I have loved this white top that I’m wearing. It’s just a bit more than the normal white button-down! I just barely ran across this one that is SO MUCH LIKE mine! I loved the way it went with my floral skirt! And just one more thing about these booties ….. they have been on repeat since I got them! They are super comfy, not too high of a heel, and will take any outfit up at least one notch!

Here are my top three picks when it comes to MIDI SKIRTS and PRETTY BLOUSES!

This skirt is DARLING! It doesn’t need much but a simple crisp white top and some fun shoes and accessories! I LOVE this look the BEST!

I saw this skirt on another blogger and thought it was so beautiful! I would put it with a pretty black top like this one and these shoes! So fabulous!!!! Of course you could wear your own favorite black shoes! These sunnies would be awesome too, and are only $25 on my website…. less than half of the others!

This skirt is so dramatic and fun…… I see it mostly with some sneakers! You won’t look any cuter or be any more comfortable than in this look. So stinkin FABULOUS! Check out the two pairs of sneakers I’ve linked. One from Anthro and one from Target. Which do you like?

I’ve said this before, but I’m leaning more and more towards skirts and dresses for spring and summer as opposed to pants or shorts. Every year that goes by it seems, I’m drawn to them even more!


Shauna XO

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  1. Happy birthday to you! You certainly make birthdays easy on the eyes 😜. I’ll be really diving into all my bloggers websites,checking out all you guys have to offer (for the foreseeable future). I like that some are having little fashions shows to help pass the time. I’m not at “risk” but I really don’t like what I see out there either. Happy diversion. Stay safe!

    1. Cheryl YOU STAY SAFE AND WELL TOO! I’m still trying to figure out what would be most helpful to all of your friends out there! Any suggestions I would love to know! A fashion show….. hmmmmmmm. May be coming soon! XO

  2. A very Happy 60th birthday to you when it comes Shauna. You look totally amazing for your age! 🙂 xx

  3. Happy Birthday, Shauna! I’m new to your blog and I just love all of your articles. You look absolutely fabulous and you’re doing all the right things to keep yourself that way. You are an inspiration to me.

    1. Hi Joanne….. THANK YOU and WELCOME! I’m so glad that you’re feeling uplifted here! Hoping that YOU and your loved ones are well and healthy! TAKE CARE and hope to hear from you more!!!! XO

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