It’s Time To Seriously Relax

It’s time to seriously RELAX! Wow…. who would have thought on this day, back in Santa Barbara strolling alongside the beach, that only a few days away we would be facing what we are facing now throughout the world! At first I felt like everyone was over-reacting a bit. Please don’t be offended!! But I don’t know that anyone really knew what the affects would be to our communities and families.

As we’re now in to it well over two weeks or so, I feel much different about things. I’m AWARE. I’m MINDFUL. I’m EDUCATING myself. But…… I’m NOT PANICKED! And I think it’s time to seriously RELAX! And what I mean by that is this…..

Remember just two weeks ago, when we were most likely behind….. too busy to play games with our children, too busy to make a phone call to our loved ones, too busy to send someone a handwritten note, too busy to read a book, too busy to tackle a project we’ve been meaning to do, too busy to enjoy a long walk? Do you remember?

Well….. now is the time to DO ALL OF THOSE THINGS! We can look at this as a GREAT TIME to do all that is important in our lives. Granted a lot of you have had your jobs compromised, and that’s awful and I’m sorry. But PANIC is NOT what we should be doing. Get yourself in the mindset of SLOWING DOWN and doing the things that after all…… are the things that MATTER THE MOST!


The other day I face-timed my little grandson for his birthday. I could sense so much stress in his little face and under their roof. I get it… four kids with nowhere to go and feeling the chaos of the world. My heart broke for my precious little guy!!!

I LOVED this that my daughter-in-law put up on her IG stories, which I reposted on my feed…


Resist the urge to post photos of how empty the store shelves are or how long the lines are — because you’re creating an even greater sense of panic, and pushing otherwise reasonable people to run out and empty the shelves and lengthen the lines somewhere else.

Broadcasting chaos only feeds chaos!

So….. I hope that if you’re feeling a little panicked, STOP! BREATHE. See all the extra things you’ll be able to do! Take advantage of the advantages! Take time to SERIOUSLY relax!!!! I promise you’ll feel better!!!! It’s time to seriously relax!!!

Here is a link to some great information on the Coronavirus.

Shauna XO

7 thoughts on “It’s Time To Seriously Relax

  1. Shauna your link to CDC website is a fantastic source of accurate information. My hope is that your followers take advantage of the plethora of educational material and data available through it.

    1. Cheryl I thought it was a super helpful source, so I’m glad that you thought so too! TAKE CARE sweet friend! XO

  2. Thank you! I follow your blog faithfully but don’t really comment simply because I’m not fashionable and don’t have much to offer in that realm. But I love your blog, admire you, and know that even if fashion were taken off the plate, you have tons of wisdom to offer.

    1. Hi Michele, that means SO MUCH to me, THANK YOU!! Hoping that you and your family are SAFE and WELL! XO

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