Age Is Just A Number

AGE is just a number!

FIFTY-SEVEN today, yay!

And when it’s your birthday,

you should dress in a pink tutu and a sequined cardigan,

and go to the beach and strike a pose in celebration!!!

I still feel like I’m 16….and maybe too much so in this tutu!

There is more of a story behind this outfit,

and I will share it with you in a few weeks….

this shoot  was way more than fun!

My cardigan is from JCrew and is here.

But back to my age….

I am happy to say my age to anyone that asks!

It’s never bothered me, and I think we should all embrace it!

With age comes confidence, self-acceptance, and wisdom!

I’ve learned more so than any other year in my life,

that I have something to offer!

I’ve never REALLY believed that about myself.

I’ve learned I’m strong, I’m capable, and I have value.

I’m grateful for that gift this passed year!


13 thoughts on “Age Is Just A Number

  1. Happy Birthday Shauna! You’re so right about age. I always say mine, I turned 58 in December and I’m happy and grateful for everything I’ve experienced in my life! Keep up inspiring other women to feel beautiful and whole everyday!

    1. Hello friend! This is such a sweet message…..thank you SO MUCH! Girl-POWER! xo

  2. Happy Birthday, Shauna!!! You have so much to offer! I love your blog! You are showing me the confidence I hope to have as I age! You are truly an inspiration!!! I hope this year is a great year for you. I am looking forward to all you will share with us in the coming days and months! XoXo! 🙂

    1. Lizzy, THANK YOU! It’s such a JOY to see women start to believe in themselves and feel beautiful and confident! We have so much to offer… matter our age!!! XO

  3. Just found your blog and you have inspired me to be the best me I can be. Sometime just getting dressed up a little more than usual gives me an added boost of confidence.

    1. Sher….thank you for your comment! I believe that too! Even if we’re not going out for anything, just putting on some lipgloss and a cute outfit (even if it is just sweats!) we will feel so much better!!!! xo

  4. A belated birthday shout out to you Shauna! I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now and thought I’d swing by to visit your blog. I love your insta-feed and think your mix of fashion and fun is infectious.

    Like you, I don’t mind telling my age, I’m 59, and think we have to remember that we’re all travelling at the same rate here. Self confidence surely does grow with age and mine has been helped by the contact I have with my readers.

    You always look adorable and do imbue your gallery with a feel good factor. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring.

    Anna x

    1. Anna! THANK YOU! What a sweet comment!! There is SO MUCH BEAUTY to be found in a middle-aged woman! CONFIDENCE being the most important!!!! I really appreciate you stopping in….I’m headed to yours right now! XO

  5. Happy belated Birthday Shauna,I just learned about this site and I’m loving it ,I’m more than a little over 50 but like you said Age is just a number. You inspired me so much I know your Hair is platinum but you inspired me to let mine grow out it will be white. I love your Style and your Blog. I ho[e you had a blessed and fun Birthday.

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