a joyful CHICOS picnic!

This spectacular day in the woods, with my girlfriends, all dressed in our BEAUTIFUL CHICOS outfits, was such fun!!! We have all been so lucky to have  CHICOS support in our FIERCE50 Campaign, in supporting and promoting women over 50.

They have been more than incredible to us! They have definitely shown that they care about our mission. They have encouraged us in every way. I am a true believer of their mission here…


Wow……what a mission!

The FIERCE50 Campaign started with the lovely Catherine Graceo. Her vision definitely came to pass, and with much more in store! Her idea of gathering 50 women bloggers over the age of 50 to connect and blog about one another, on the 50th day of the year…..was truly inspirational! I flew to southern California early in January to meet Catherine, along with Cathy Williamson of themiddlepageblog, to help organize and get the movement rolling! It was a JOY to make two new friends, and to feel their genuine love and support. They couldn’t be any more gorgeous….seriously BEAUTIFUL WOMEN in every sense of the word!!! Deborah Bolland of fabulousafter40 was unfortunately not able to make it, but worked and worked in getting it all organized with us! She’s a wonderful lady, professional and such a beauty herself!!!! This campaign has been incredible on every level!

We were all overjoyed when Chicos reached out to share their upcoming Girlfriend’s campaign!! What a great reason to gather once again, with a few more of our Fierce50 girls, to celebrate! I was honored to meet Kathy Kaehler of FitandSexyforLife, an LA radio station host who is strong and mighty! Also Jamie Lewinger of MoreTurquoise who is such a feisty and fun lady! Also, the beautiful Glenda Harrison of the blog SoWhatToTwenty. So sweet and kind, just lovely! We gathered in the most beautiful Wilderness Park, overlooking LA. The picnic….oh my!!!! A gorgeous display of exquisite food and table settings! It was a pure joy to talk and visit and get to know one another! I felt  an instant bond to each one!

Chicos stores are just beautiful and their clothing is of the utmost quality! I have loved mine! Their girlfriend jeans are so comfy and the fabrics are so fine! The stitching and seams from the buttons and snaps are perfect!!! And the price point is excellent! This brand is grabbing a lot of women’s attention with their trending styles, but yet worked in such a way to flatter women at mid-life.

One of the things I love about CHICOS is that you can shop within a color palate and buy just a few pieces but have many ways to wear them! Their accessories are perfect…turquoise being my personal favorite! The girlfriend bracelets are all unique, and would be fabulous all piled together on one arm!

Recently I was shopping in the CHICOS store in Palm Desert, and what a beautiful store it was! I could have spent hours in there! This top I’m wearing is ADORABLE! The fabric has just a hint of stretch and the lace on the sleeves is substantial as to hang in such a beautiful drapey way. Pair it with a bright colored skirt and it would look absolutely darling!!!!

My girlfriend jeans are here.

My darling top is here.

 CHICOS  brand is built on a set of core values that support  the health, wellbeing, and education of women and children. They honestly want to impact their communities in which they live and do business, in a positive way. My experience with them has been so wonderful! Their values align with mine, and I have great respect for that! I am such a fan, and so grateful that they have taken the FIERCE50 by the hand in elevating our cause!

CHICOS….I love you and will be back very soon!!!!!!!


One more big THANK YOU to CHICOS for sponsoring my post today!!!

8 thoughts on “a joyful CHICOS picnic!

    1. Lizzy, THANK YOU! It was such a great time and CHICOS has been just AMAZING to work with! Such a wonderful company!!!!! XOXO

  1. Love your look! I have a pixie, too, and have such trouble styling it to look edgy – what do you use for product? Thanks and keep up the fun!!!

    1. Hi Maureen! I use a little bit of root-lifter, and then Aveda’s Control Paste to rough it up! Thanks for checking in!!! xo

  2. I am over 60. I love Chico’s clothes. Edgy, not frumpy. I refuse to be frumpy!! By the way, I used your picture at the stylist for haircut and color. Thanks!

  3. What a fabulous event, to judge by your report and the photos. There is nothing like girl friends doing something important in the world together–so glad I know about all of you and your blogs, and lucky enough to know Shauna personally!

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