The Beauty Of The LBD

This dress…. got quite the attention last weekend! THE BEAUTY OF THE LBD….. little black dress! I hadn’t ever heard of the LBD much before I started blogging! It seems weird to me now. But it also seems weird to me to NOT have one always hanging out in your closet! I have learned that you should always have one available because they can be worn for so many things…. it’s a classic essential!

THIS one was gifted to me from CHICOS. When I first opened up the package, I thought it was a skirt. It’s very drapey and I couldn’t really tell what the shape of it was! It wasn’t until I tried to put it on that I realized it was a dress! And oh my heavens….. when I put it on I knew that it was going to be good! Does that ever happen to you? You know right from the beginning!

This could be worn in a work environment (just add a blazer). It could be worn on a DATE NIGHT with some fun jewelry! It could be worn out shopping with your girlfriends with some colorful flats. You could wear it to a fancy event. Just add all your glitzy jewelry and some sky-high heels! It’s very versatile and I AM IN LOVE!

I looked up the HISTORY of the LBD and LOVED this article from Vogue Australia…… You have to at least look at the FUN images of all the fashionistas in their LBD’s!!!!! My two FAVORITE are below! Princess Diana….. I miss her! She was the same age as I was and as we would see images of her with her little boys, I knew that same LOVE…. raising three sons of my own!

Marion Morehouse 1926
Princess Diana 1994….. absolutely LOVED her!

The beauty of the LBD is for real! When I put this dress on I felt like a million bucks! In fact, we were going out after taking this pic. I had a change of clothes in the car, and my husband said, “Absolutely not. Wear what you have on! You look fantastic!” And even though it was just out to get some frozen yogurt…… I did turn some heads and got a few compliments!

Take care friends! I hope all the little kids in your life are settled in to their school schedules and feeling safe and taken care of! That’s what I pray for for mine, every single day!

Shauna XO

Another LBD here and here!

7 thoughts on “The Beauty Of The LBD

  1. You look very nice. I love the dress. A good length ,not too short. Also cute the bracelet in turquoiseI .All my best greeti ngs from Belgium.

    1. Hi Liliane! I was in Belgium once and ate an amazing waffle from a food truck!!!! But thank you! The dress is really REALLY super flattering and a good one to always have on hand!!!! Take care girl! XO

      1. I had to pull out my LBD the other day on short notice, put it on and it fit like a glove! So glad I have one in my closet. Yours looks beautiful on you as everything you wear. I wish I lived closer to you, I could see us is great friends! 😉 take care and have a great weekend!

        1. Mary Lou…. for sure we would be GREAT FRIENDS!!!! I truly believe that having one on hand at all times is ESSENTIAL!!!! Take care girl! XO

          1. Como estas soy mexicana pero vivo en rio grande city texas ….no hablo ingles pero con la maravilla de que se traduce todo …me encanta tu gusto tus combinaciones …bueno toda tu eres muy guapa y soy tu seguidora fiel …yo soy muy de ver moda me encanta comprar ..fue gusto encontrarte..bendiciones

  2. What a lovely dress! It’s odd but I just cannot find a LBD that I’m totally in love with 🤷🏼‍♀️ there is always something that I’m dissatisfied with. I’m going to go to my local Chico’s and try this one out.

    1. Cheryl…. I can’t wait for you to try! I really believe that THIS ONE can be one that would work for most women! I am IN LOVE!!! LET ME KNOW!!!! XO

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