Can A T-Shirt Dress Look Cute

Can a T-shirt dress look cute? I have debated this back and forth in my head for a long time. This is why I LOVE them…. they are cool for summer, easy to take care of, easy to pack, but mostly COMFORTABLE! I love them for all those reasons! And I think they look so cute on other people. But sometimes, when I wear them….. I don’t like them. I can feel “frumpy”.

I found this one at Anthropologie and first noticed the puff sleeves. I thought they were so cute because it made it look a little bit more feminine and not so tom-boyish. But even when I got it, I still felt like I had to do a little bit more with it. And I don’t mean a LOT…. just a little something.

So here I’ve only added a colorful ring, some fun beaded drop earrings, a fabulous sparkly bucket bag, and just some basic white sneakers. For me this was enough to put a little bit more in to this dress. I could really amp it up with some fun heels too!

So how do you all feel about a T-shirt dress? Do you like them and if so, why? Like I said before, I like them, but then when I wear them they can sometimes feel a little blah. Below I’ve linked up options to a similar look.




Now, here’s where the fun starts! I’m showing you three different looks wearing a T-shirt dress. I seriously love this part of my blog post….. SHOPPING for “looks”. I’m also a photographer, and quite often my clients have asked me to “STYLE” their shoot! That’s where I really have fun!


A T-shirt dress can absolutely be dressed up! Even if it’s a camo print! And look at the fun puff sleeve, just like mine. LOVE LOVE LOVE these heels. I’ve linked them before because they are THAT good! Add a pop of color with a bag and some glitzy earrings and BAM!


Look #2 is brought to you by Target! The total cost for everything linked here is $170.96. That may seem a lot still, but the most expensive thing is the bag at $49.99 and the earrings at $45.00. These both could easily be changed out with something less. I love the sleeves on the dress…. I think very chic and vogue looking!


This maxi T-shirt dress is such a gorgeous color. It comes in a peach and mint color too, which I didn’t like at all. The stone color is so chic. I like the idea of pulling up part of the hem and tying it in a knot! The hat of course will give it all some attitude, and the jewelry is FAB! I loved the boho inspired sandals with it!

I hope I’ve shown you that YES….. a T-shirt dress CAN LOOK CUTE! And another thing…. these dresses never go out of style. You can update it every year with your accessories!

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “Can A T-Shirt Dress Look Cute

  1. I bought 3 t-shirt dresses this year! One is stonewalled blue that has wide ruffle tiers and is more of a swing dress. The other 2 are cream and black striped, one sleeveless and one with a flutter sleeve. I paid less than $20 each (I’m a bargain shopper). I think it’s all about the jewelry…that’s what really takes these looks up a notch☺ I love your style! I wish I could wear heels (bad knees) lol.

    1. Hey Barbara… sounds like you have quite a little collection of comfy dresses! And YES about the jewelry! That will definitely amp things up! Sorry about the knees girl! Lots of cute flats though!!! Take care! XO

  2. I really love t shirt dresses and have a few in my closet. I’m very short wasted and tend to carry weight on the bum, tum and thigh area so they are incredibly flattering and comfortable on me. I love the accessories you’ve used here to style this versatile piece in so many different ways (Another one of its advantages!) I like to dress mine up ‘French girl style’ with a colourful scarf, blazer, fab handbag and either ballet pumps or plimsols – Magnifique!

    1. Kerrie…. you sound like you know what you’re doing with your dresses! That’s awesome that you’ve found something that works beautifully on YOU! That’s what it’s all about, right??? Keep STYLING girlfriend! XO

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