Can YOU Wear Black?

An LBD That’s Under $40!!!

Can YOU wear black…. should you wear black? Are there rules? More importantly how do you feel in black? There was a comment on my blog a couple of days ago asking if I would talk about how to wear black even though it washes you out. You know me and COLOR go hand in hand! I will always prefer color over black, but just recently I’ve bought three solid black things…. two dresses and one jumpsuit!

I can’t believe I just did that! This dress here is from Target. I thought it was such a darling summer dress and so comfy! I will wear this with wedges like these or with a flat sandal! The girly details and feminine style got me as well as the price!!! It’s under $40! Woohoo!!!

As we age, our skin tone changes, along with the color of our hair, and the texture of our skin. All of this can affect what colors we wear. What we have always liked can quickly start to look off. But… if you’re one that will always love to wear black, there is a way to do it!

Added a POP of COLOR With My Jewelry and Lipstick


First, think about wearing your black on the bottom. Black jeans, black pants, or black skirts. You can tie in your black by wearing a print on top that has a bit of black in it. You can also wear a black dress with a colorful jacket or sweater over the top. Just think about how you can bring the color up around your face.

Another way is to wear colorful accessories. A bright colored pair of earrings or a necklace maybe, or a beautiful scarf. Again, wear the color next to your face! Remember to wear YOUR colors! Mine are the bright vibrant kind. You can also wear bright colored lipstick which works too.

IF you still want the black allover, then choose black that’s softer and has some drape to it. Also choose a shade that’s lighter…. more dark gray. A black lace isn’t as harsh either. All of these ideas will be easier on your face.

So is there a way that you can wear black…. ABSOLUTELY! Follow these tips and get out your most COLORFUL accessories, and you’ll be good to go! HAPPY WEEKEND FRIENDS!

Shauna XO


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10 thoughts on “Can YOU Wear Black?

  1. Years ago I had “my colors done” and black was a no-no for me. But, I love it and think I wear it well. As you said, charcoal grey works well, too, and I love my scarves and necklaces with a black top. My 102 y.o. mother-in-law has always believed black should only be worn to funerals. 😉

    1. Hi Dawn…. first, your mom is 102?? AWESOME! And I think it’s funny what people think in terms of fashion! Black is so vogue and classy, and I always think looks CHIC! There is a way to wear it, as you’ve found out, too wear it! XO

  2. Black is always gonna be classic… I love all your colors, and I think black looks great on you too!

    1. Hi Darla…. THANK YOU! I like to wear it on occasion, but I’m always drawn more to COLOR! Just important to know what works for YOU…. right??? Thanks for your comment girl! XO

  3. Love black…always have… but as I get older, I notice that the color doesn’t look the same on me. I now gravitate towards navy. Living in New England we are a population that loves their classic colors! The bag with the Target dress is so cute….I love it!!! And that turquoise ring 👌🏼 I love black and turquoise together, its such a contrast.

    1. Cheryl…. NAVY is the perfect BLACK and SO CLASSIC! Turquoise and black YES YES!!!! New England is a place I’d LOVE to come and visit! You take care and as ALWAYS, THANK YOU for your comment girlfriend! XO

  4. Shawna, you look terrific in every color! But I’d love to know if you use a self tanner, and the particular one you prefer. Your skin tone always looks fabulous. Have a blessed weekend! Suzanne

    1. Hi Suzanne! THANK YOU! I do use a self tanner and you’ll never believe what it’s been lately….. this!

      I have tried many and they all smell bad. I used one from a tanning salon all of last year, but can’t get it right now due to COVID! So this drugstore brand works perfect and my hubs LOVES THE SMELL! I use it in place of my lotion!!! XO

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