The Button-Down Is Anything But Basic

The basic button-down is anything but basic! I’ve posted this particular shirt on my instagram more than once, and wanted to talk about the BASICS of a button-down and why I like this one. But even more than that, I wanted to talk about how to style them so they look girly and feminine. I think that’s why I don’t love them sometimes, because they can look “officie” (is that a word…. NO) and too “masculine” for me.

This of course is anything but basic because of the print! The butterflies and flowers are adorable! It’s very feminine and so perfect for SUMMER! Wear this one with white jeans, a white skirt, ANY of your denim, colored skirts, jeans, and pants or even at the beach over a swimsuit! Do you ever SAVE things in your closet for whatever is stuck in your head, and then go back to whatever it is and find that you’ve not worn it because your SAVING it? I do all the time.

This shirt can be, and IS very versatile! I loved it with my floral pumps (vintage Anthropologie) and denim skirt (sold out). I’ve linked similar items below. You could wear it with sneakers, flip-flops, or sandals and it would definitely be SUMMER WORTHY!

I wanted to share my ideas of how to make this somewhat boring shirt sassy and fun, so here you go!

First, NOT that I’d wear a button-down this way, but I LOVE the way it’s worn here. I would maybe wear it unbuttoned on the bottom if my stomach was covered. I think it gives it such a laid-back, flowy, and chill feel. SO pretty!

My first look is a classic that’s punched up a bit! This shirt is THE PERFECT one for the beach or for poolside! It’s cool easy breezy linen and fab!

When I found this shirt (on sale and comes in five different patterns), I immediately thought of pairing it with color! The dots are always a fun print and super cute with either of the red pants! I added simple jewelry because the outfit itself has a lot going on!

Wear an oversized crisp white shirt with a pair of bright colored soft pants! This look is so fresh and clean! Tuck the shirt all the way in or tie it in a knot at the waist. I would have to tuck, because of the paperbag waist line of the pants. The sandals are just right, giving you a casual vibe but still dressed up and super classy!

Get your button-ups out and remember they are ANYTHING BUT BASIC! Take care everyone…. hopefully things are starting to look up for you where you live!

Shauna XO

This post here shows the button-down… and such a whimsical one!