Do You Recycle Your Clothing?

Do you recycle your clothing? I ran across this picture a few days ago and realized that I still had this outfit, clear to the sandals. This picture was taken probably three years ago. The same day I stumbled on to it, I saw a post on Instagram that was talking about how we should be more conscientious about recycling our clothing. I’m good at this and I’m NOT GOOD at this!

What I mean is…. I have clothing in my closet that is years and years old….. I mean probably some things that are over 20 years old. These would be expensive designer clothing that I spent an arm and a leg for. Usually pieces like this would be worthy enough to live in my closet forever. One in particular is the Chanel chiffon skirt I have that is STILL FABULOUS. That’s where I’m GOOD.

But when it comes to just plain not buying anything and only using what’s in your closet….. I’m not so good! That’s where I’m BAD! Being the fashionista that I am…. I always want new as well. But, I’m really good at wearing old with something new! In fact I do that A LOT, and think it’s so easy to update old pieces with something new and fresh! But this is all part of my job too. To talk and tell you about clothes!

So how do you all feel about this topic? Do you fall along the conservative side, or are you always on the hunt for the next best thing? I’d really love to know! I feel like with MY clothing, if I’m done with it, it’s always going to a good cause, or to someone who can get some enjoyment out of it at a very good price! So, that’s how I justify it. I’m also trying to be more careful about buying ONLY things that I LOVE! If there’s a question, then it’s a NO! At least….. that’s what I strive for!

So…. do you recycle your clothing? Do you feel the need? Leave your comments below! I’d love to know your thoughts on this! I’d also like to know what you’re interested in me blogging about? I feel sometimes like I talk about the same things. Leave me some ideas! THANKS FRIENDS!




Shauna XO

12 thoughts on “Do You Recycle Your Clothing?

  1. When I really examine my wardrobe, I learn that I like and feel most comfortable in basics punched up with accessories. I have more than enough of all so I’m now trying to be more discerning when making purchases. As much as I enjoy clothes, given my lifestyle, I simply don’t need more. Like so many others, I’m trying to declutter, lighten up and simplify in all areas of my life.

  2. I do not tend to keep any clothing that I’m not wearing. If I wear something and it – well, basically didn’t make me feel good – at the end of the day it goes in the donate pile. I enjoy clothes and I want everything in my closet to be ready to wear so I don’t have to think in the morning!

    1. Lisa SO GOOD OF YOU, to immediately discard it! It’s so true about going to closet and LOVING EVERYTHING! Thank you for your comment girl! XO

  3. Oh yes, i have things in my closet well over 20 years, I bring them out and add new things, always fun…I love vintage pieces too. So what about your home decor taste…Do you love decorating too? Would love to see your ideas… right now I am in to doing up my deck, green plants, new pillows new rug… love all that summer has to offer…

    1. Hi Darla, YES I love home decor too! My home is all white with a lot of light, which allows for great photography! Works good for my job! I’ve just added a chartreuse chair in my office to punch things up a bit! Your home sounds beautiful!!!!!! XO

  4. I just turned 65 this month, and yet I still feel like I’m in my late 40’s my wardrobe needs some tweaking. Some of my outfits are no longer flattering so after purging my wardrobe with those items ” oh I’ll keep this incase” stayed in the closet, I tried to include them with other items I kept. Once I put them together and it didn’t look like me at 65 out it went into the donation box! I’m finding I’m more sophisticated chic style,but yet funky enough to feel current. And yes COLOR COLOR works in an awesome way, even if it’s an accessory! Keep your styles coming with your help I’ll find my gam😉

    1. Hi Kathleen! You definitely sound like you know what you’re doing girlfriend!!!!! That’s awesome! I’m sure your’e ROCKIN YOUR STYLE girl! LOVE IT! XO

  5. As I get older, and since I retired from teaching, I don’t feel the need to buy clothing as I used to. I live in exercise clothing except for church or special
    Occasions. My two daughters have turned me into a consignment & thrift store buyer & I love that—it’s become a hobby. Their generation is super into reusing clothing & sharing clothing—which is a great thing. But nothing beats the feeling of something new—just makes u feel good! Love ur style! 💕

    1. Hi Lori! I love the attitude of your daughter’s! It’s a lot like that with the younger generation! I think finding the right balance between old and new is what we should strive for! Thanks for chiming in! XO

  6. I struggle with this all the time. So much I think it weighs me down. I love clothes as well, and don’t like to get rid of them. I change sizes too, recently lost 56 pounds, I’m always afraid if I put the weight on I don’t want to buy these clothes again! But recently a friend told me of a great 2nd chance store, I took many items and purchased a few name brand pieces as well! I also donate to Dress for Success, I know it’s a great cause and they have a store where they sell gently used clothing. So far I’m feeling good, but still working on it!

    1. Gwen, this is really good! Thank you for commenting! I can see where that would be SO HARD! But donating to a great cause or to a consignment store for someone else to get a super good deal, always helps make it easier to get rid of something! XO

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