Chicos Non-Stain Shirt

Have you ever heard of such a thing as a NON-STAIN SHIRT before? Well, I hadn’t either, and I think this whole concept is GENIUS! How many times have you (and I hope I’m not the only one) put on something WHITE, and low and behold within minutes, you have a mark or even worse a STAIN on the front? I somehow always seem to make that happen. And once it has a spot, it feels like it’s ten times bigger and way more noticeable than it really is! Oh…..and then once it has that stain, I’ll NEVER wear the shirt again…..EVER!

I don’t know why that is, but to know that there is actually a classic white shirt out there that is STAIN RESISTANT, is so good to know! EVERYONE should have this in their closet! And this shirt comes in SEVEN different colors as well! Chicos seems to always be ahead of the game! Now a no-iron shirt and non-stain shirt as well! It really is MAGIC!

THIS shirt has a STAIN SHIELD (trademark) built right in to it. IF you were to spill something on it, you would just rinse and blot dry. That’s all!!! It also will NOT shrink or fade! And that’s another thing with white shirts….the discoloration! Nothing like that with this one! Incredible!

I would wear this shirt with my grungiest of jeans, to dress slacks, with a pencil skirt, OR like I have here……with my girliest most vintage skirt in my closet by Chanel. It obviously is extremely versatile and will be a staple for many years!


Shauna XO

15 thoughts on “Chicos Non-Stain Shirt

  1. Wow! That’s brilliant! Now if they would just do this with white jeans …. hello melted candy bar… grrrr ?

      1. Dawn, yes!!! Chicos is AMAZZZZING in that department! They REALLY do listen to their customers! XO

    1. HA!!!! Karen….that would be GREAT! Let me see what I can do about that with CHICOS!!! LOL! XO

      1. Hi Kathy! I can’t remember where I got it…’s from years ago! VERY VINTAGE for sure! XO

  2. I can’t tell you how many white tops I DO have….I don’t wear them because of exactly what you say, don’t want to iron them and afraid of getting them stained. What a wonderful idea Chico’s!!! One question, does the STAIN SHEILD wash out over time?

  3. Ha ha, Pixie Friend, YOU look amazing as ALWAYS! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Your crisp, white blouse with your frilly skirt! Remember when Sharon Stone wore a white blouse from the GAP with a fabulous black evening skirt to the Oscars many years ago?

    YOU’RE my trendsetter! ❤️Your blog and share it with my fashion conscience friends!


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