Staying ACTIVE Is Vital

Staying ACTIVE is so vital to your longterm health. I have been active my whole life. I remember as a young girl, running around and around and around my block. Doing just one more lap when I was exhausted, was a challenge for me, to FOR SURE DO JUST ONE MORE! I love to be able to keep up with anyone…..the guys, and even my grandkids! Feeling healthy and strong is the only thing that works for me! When I don’t feel that way, it’s not good!

This collaboration with JCPenney was exactly right for me! Their clothing is priced at a place where it’s not going to kill you! I really appreciate that about JCPenney! I’ve been working with them for a few months now, and am so pleased with their product! This outfit is all from their store.

My SWEATSHIRT is here. My LEGGINGS are here. My SUNGLASSES are here. My BEANIE is here. My sneakers are here.

I LOVE dressing in an ATHLEISURE kind of way. Coming up in April I’ll be doing another segment on Good Things Utah on HOW TO WEAR ATHLEISURE in a CLASSY WAY. For young active mothers, this is a very convenient way to dress and feel comfortable. You DON’T want to look like you’ve just stepped out of the gym however. Make sure the clothing you have on is GOOD QUALITY, GOES TOGETHER, and DOESN’T SMELL! Good quality wicking fabrics that aren’t see-through is a must!

If you’re doubtful of this look but want to dabble, stick with neutrals, perhaps just black for now? Then you won’t feel like you stick out. Don’t ever wear just a sports bra and shorts around. Always have an appropriate cover-up to go with your outfit! Add some sporty glasses and don’t forget your lipstick friends!

If you feel comfortable you’ll be more likely TO STAY ACTIVE, which in my opinion is what makes me feel HEALTHY and VIBRANT!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Staying ACTIVE Is Vital

  1. Love JCP activewear. Promptly ordered the camo leggings you featured not long ago after seeing them on you. Only trouble was I had been ordering clothes for my 92 year-old mom and JCP online had remembered her sizes and said my true size for the leggings would be XL (based on what I had ordered for mom). So, I figured the website must have known I had gained weight over the holidays and I went with the suggested XL for the leggings. And they are pretty big on me. But I didn’t realize how big til I had worn them for a bit and then felt bad about trying to return them. Anyway, love JCP atheleisure and you are wearing these pieces like they were made for YOU.

    1. LESLIE! OH NO!!!!! Well you must have felt good that they were SO BIG on you??? LOL! Thank you for your support and for stopping by!!!! XOXO

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