Zebra Print With A Mango Jacket

This ZEBRA print dress with a Mango jacket make the perfect pairing to FINALLY move into our spring season! With it officially starting on the 20th…..I’m beyond excited! So how do you transition your style so it speaks spring, even if it’s still cold outside? I thought this look did it so nicely while still looking weather-ready….because believe me, here in Utah, we can be skiing and golfing in the same day!

This is how I like to think of making that transition. DON’T keep your spring styles hidden away in your closet. BRING THEM OUT, and show some spring. But how do you do that? For me I like to get maybe just one thing out at a time and mix it with my cold weather pieces. Here, I have my fluffy MANGO jacket layered over this amazing zebra print dress. The coat says winter, but the color says spring. And my nude leg with black strappy heels are more spring-like as well.

Any of your girly floral tops, you can wear with black jeans, or with a heavier coat and booties. Start bringing out all of your fun colors too! Remember neons are huge this year, and will spice things up for you in an instant! I LOVE them! Even get your white jeans out and wear with heavier sweaters. Wear your wool slacks or skirt with a graphic shirt or striped buttondown. By dong any of these you are just picking ONE spring thing and mixing in to your winter pieces. Easy!!!

Now, let me just tell you…..this dress is UNDER $25!!!! Can you believe that??? So flattering, so easy to pack, and so versatile! You can wear it ANY TIME OF YEAR! And this jacket? Well, it’s still available, and so worth sharing once again! It has been so much fun! It makes a great coat to go in to spring with!

Shauna XO

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