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Happy Sunday…..I’m shopping (or dressing) from my closet today. Why is it, that most women, don’t do this enough? We get something new, and then want to wear that before anything else. I have been trying to prove a point, in my blogging, that you definitely CAN shop your closet and still look current. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but I post things that I’ve worn for years. Some may think that by doing this you might look out-dated. Not so! The dress or tunic that I posted on this blog, is at least 5-6 years old, if not OLDER. I’ve worn it many ways through the years. The first way was with white skinny jeans tucked in to tall tan boots. It was really cute that way back then. I love it so much and have just never gotten tired of it. To keep it looking fresh, I styled it with thick leggings and some boots which are new this fall. I had so many of you ask where I got the tunic! See!!! Still looks on trend!

My look here, is all very “old” too! The charcoal sweater I’ve had for at least 10-15 years. It’s from AG, and is one that I’ve worn dressed up like here, or with my pajama pants! I will never get rid of it! It’s a cashmere, classic, and basic sweater and I love it! The light gray fluffy sweater jacket, is from maybe 5 years ago from Anthropologie! It is so thick and soft and cuddly and perfect for fall/winter! The skirt is from about 3 years ago from Anthro as well. It’s a beautiful floral and wispy style, and can be worn every season except maybe winter. I love wearing it in the warmer months with a simple tee-shirt and sandals. Wear it dressy or casual, in warm or cool weather! The style is perfect for my shape, which is key for having pieces that will work for a long time in your wardrobe! The hat is from forever ago, from Target! The only thing new are the shimmery necklaces from this passed summer. Everything still looks current, but styled differently than I’ve done before! I’m sure the skirt will be around for a LONG time too!

The sweater in this blog is way more than 10 years old!!! The reason it still works I think, is that the colors are the ones that look best on me! Another thing to make sure you do when you’re shopping… colors that look good on you. Don’t buy a color that is perhaps on trend, but doesn’t look good on you!

Another example here in this blog…..these pants. They too are probably 10 years old. You might think that this crazy plaid would go out of style really fast? But when I bought them, they were going to be for golfing. The colors again, are my colors. The cut is a classic one, and they fit me like a glove! I’ve worn them mostly casual, but from time to time I’ve dressed them up a bit with a white button down and some cute high sandals! Here I’ve worn them with the every-trending Birkenstocks and graphic tee, which brought them right up-to-date!

So what I’m saying is, if you buy correctly….cut, shape and color, you can make your clothes go on and on! You just style it new, with something current and on trend, whether it be jewelry, shoes, or another piece of clothing. I do it ALL the time!!!

Floral Midi Skirts  |  Sweater Jackets  |  AG Sweaters  |  Hat  |  Necklaces

Hope you all have a LOVELY Sunday friends. Enjoy the things around you. Being a photographer, has really opened my eyes to the world!!!


10 thoughts on “Sunday From My Closet

  1. Your outfit is gorgeous as always. Looking so cosy & chic. Grey is definitely your colour. I totally agree with what you say. Our closets are full of wonderful clothes. If we are clever & buy key pieces they can be worn year after year. Happy Sunday to the most stylish & gorgeous over 50 I know ?

    1. Hi Tracey…thank you! Not only do we have so many great things in our closets, but it is so satisfying when we can come up with something different and new, using what we already have!!! SCORE! Have a great week! XO

  2. Shauna, you are such a great teacher among all sorts of other things. Love the advice of how to build a closet that’sfukl of good for me things! Happy Sunday ?

  3. Hey Shauna those pants you had on when you were talking about the reader sunglasses, where are they from? I thought they were adorable!

    1. Hi Kat….I have so many posts, I’m afraid I don’t know which pants you mean! If you could send me a picture or give me a date, that would help! XO

  4. I cleaned out my closet today and created several “new” combinations for the upcoming work week! It’s fun to “shop” in your pjs looking a hot mess with your clothes strewn all over the room.!

    1. Mikki….I know the feeling of CLOTHES STREWN ALL AROUND!!! Isn’t it the best feeling to know what you’ve accomplished??!!!! Way to go!!! Have a great work week in your new outfits!!!!! XO

  5. I just joined your blog! You have amazing style, and it just proves that we can be stylish at any age. How tall are you?

  6. Hi Marisa, thank you so much for stopping by! Yes ANYONE at ANY AGE can be stylish….and why not??? I’m 5’1″!
    Shauna XO

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