A Hoop Enthusiast!!!

I’m definitely a HOOP enthusiast when it comes to earrings. I’m not sure where the love began, but I’m always looking for ones that are a bit unique. And THESE sure are a little bit more sparkly and fancy than my standards! They are from GRAYC GLASS!!! They’re so simple yet just different enough, with the barely pink piece of glass that dangles at the bottom! They are all handmade with sterling silver and light as a feather! And they are up for grabs! You just need to like, comment, and follow on my Instagram @chicover50 and on the @graycglass Instagram page! Winner will be announced on Friday in my INSTAGRAM STORIES!!!

I LOVE Courtney’s designs! They are modern, simple, unique, and beautifully crafted. She’s a very talented lady whose passion for jewelry making is evident!!!

And why not wear plaid pants and a graphic tee with them??? Every girl should have plaid pants, just like every girl needs red shoes, and just like every girl needs some hoop earrings! These are vintage, but there’s some linked below. Wear them casual and in a laid-back kind of way like I did, OR….dress them up easily with a nice jacket or sweater and a classic white button-down or even a denim shirt and heels!!! Nothing says FALL, like PLAID!!!!!!

Navy and Green Plaid  |  Red Plaid  |  Black Plaid  | Anthro Black Splurge


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