Booties over Boots?

So how do you feel about booties over boots? When booties first showed up on the scene more than several years ago, I thought it was a fad. I was a little leery in how long this fad would last, not investing a lot in my bootie collection! But now? These are my go-to shoe in the cooler months. And even when it’s warm, I LOVE them with jeans and a tee-shirt!

This brown color (some would call it orange) is my favorite brown shade for fall/winter! I love it paired with gray! The thing that caught my eye about these particular booties, was the ruching along the top. I don’t care for the slouchy boots I’ve been seeing, but love these because they are more fitted around your leg! There are all kinds of options out there to choose from, so it absolutely can be overwhelming! WHITE, VELVET, FLORAL, LEOPARD, SLOUCHY, and any heel height! The choices are endless!

But back to why you should wear BOOTIES over BOOTS? First knee-high boots have a tendency to cut your leg off and make it appear shorter. And who wants to have shorter legs….I have to take ALL I can get! Boyfriend jeans…..please NEVER wear tall boots with this style. If you do choose to wear tall boots, wear a SKINNY jean. And when you’re wearing white jeans, the FASHION GODS say that BOOTIES is the way to go! I get this one, because white is already hard to pull off, and then when you add a tall boot that may cut your leg off, then you can totally look off! But then as I always say, “It just depends!” And then what about the midi skirt? NEVER wear tall boots here. That looks totally frumpy!!!

I’ve got quite the selection for you to shop here. If it were me, and I was buying my first pair, I would look for a pair very much like the ones I’m wearing in this picture. They are neutral, good style with ANYTHING, and the heel height is just about where I like it! Two inches is perfect for me, these are a just a bit higher!


P.S. A lot of you have asked about this dress/tunic I’m wearing here. Sadly but not sadly, it’s a vintage Anthro. I’m a true believer that IF YOU BUY RIGHT, you can have pieces in your closet for years! I have things I’m wearing still from 10-15-20 years ago! These below are really good options to choose from to achieve my same look!!!


So if YOU’RE not in to booties much, you should try them! I’m hoping that Santa will bring me some velvet florals!!!! Have a GREAT day friends!








9 thoughts on “Booties over Boots?

  1. I just. could. not. figure out from the title how one would wear booties over boots, and I was definitely not going to jump on that trend bandwagon, lol!

    I’m always the very last person on the face of the planet to embrace a new trend so, sadly, no I own not one pair of booties. Maybe it’s time? šŸ˜‰

    1. Yes Dawn!!!! IT’S TIME TO DO SOMETHING NEW! Trust me!!!! You’ll love them! They are actually MORE comfortable than a full boot too! Even my husband wears low boots!!! Keep me posted girlfriend!!! XO

  2. Shauna, I found your blog just a few weeks ago and love it. I, myself am 50 something and I love to see that Iā€™m not the only over 50 women out there that is not willing to give up style and trends due to my age. I embraced the booties when they first came out and love them as well, especially when a full boot cuts me in half since I am just 5ā€™4. Keep posting girl, love your style!

    1. Hi Laurie!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! And never should age dictate how we feel about STYLE! It can be such fun! Wear your booties proud!!!!!!! XO

  3. I got a pair of booties last year…but this year I need another!!! I’m looking for grey booties with no heel. Wish me luck. Love your style. I’m 60 something and don’t want to give up on style. But dont want to dress like a teenager either.

    1. Hi Lori! Booties are such a fun way to be HIP and ON TREND without feeling like a teenager! I always like to think of wearing just one or two trends, and then the rest on the simple side……but then, it just depends! XO

  4. Hi Shauna, I just love the happy colors you put together. You just have the talent or instinct to know what looks good together. I love the booties on you. So cute with the dress. But I don’t have skinny legs, so on me tall boots look best. I’m tall 5″8 so tall boots for me; ) thank you again for inspiring me to try different things and think out of the box hugs Connie

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