Some Soma Gray

I want to pose a question…..would you wear this little gray velvet kimono as an every-day piece of clothing? I chose to wear it as a swimsuit cover-up, but I absolutely think you could wear it both ways! Put on some jeans, and a long sleeved floral top, or a turtleneck or tee, and I think it would look great!!! What do you think? Yay or Nay?

I posted another kimono from Soma a few days ago, and this is another one. The quality of their clothing is really SO good! This would be such a great little piece to take on vacation, because of the options it offers! It would look great over a sundress maybe with a fun belt! I love it when I have things in my closet that can be worn MANY different ways! It makes life so easy. One of the worst feelings is when you see things in your closet that you only know how to wear ONE WAY……ugh! ALWAYS make sure you can style it at least three ways!

Here is my BEAUTIFUL  Kimono



4 thoughts on “Some Soma Gray

  1. Yay for me. The kimono looks amazing on you, and the color Grey looks amazing on you. I also love pieces i can wear different ways. I would wear the Grey one with a black tank top and skinny jeans and black tall boots for fall or winter. Ohhh, i also love the velvety shiny material of the Grey kimono.

    1. Hi Kornelia, thank you for such a nice comment! Versatility is a GREAT word when it comes to your wardrobe!!! You have some great ideas!!!! XO

  2. Yay for giving me a hard one. You can contact me if youre interrested in a 26 year old stallion.

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