Nordstrom Fall Sale

Hi! So if Oprah can have her FAVORITE THINGS…..then I can too!!! And these are mine from the NORDSTROM Fall Sale through November 12th!!!!!!! Jump in and get yourself a head start to your Christmas shopping…..even if it is for YOURSELF!

First off I hit the dresses…..I LOVE to wear dresses ANYWHERE!


Sweater season is here….and what better time to snatch up some Christmas goodness?


If you’re like me, JEANS are a main staple…..STOCK UP NOW!


Oh! Oh! How can we forget the shoes!!!! There’s some great ones here!


And ANY of these accessories would make great gifts!!!!!


And lastly a little bit of home goods and more gift ideas right here!


HAPPY SHOPPING…..and THANK YOU friends, for doing it with me!


11 thoughts on “Nordstrom Fall Sale

  1. I love your style. Love your ideas. I can’t pull off as good as you do but I can get close to many of your ideas. Thanks and keep blogging

    1. Hi Connie, thank you so much for your nice comment! I bet you can pull things off better than you think! XO

    1. I have never come across any style of clothes I have loved as much as yours! It helps that we are both petite! Keep giving tips, please

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