Afraid Of My Readers

I have had to wear readers for several years now…actually longer than several! At first it started with the drugstore kind. I was shopping at an out of town boutique, and found some really cute ones! Not really realizing I needed them, I tried on a pair only because they were cute! And when I did, I WAS ASTONISHED at how much clearer I could see things close up! I was now at the age of having to deal with this issue, which by the way happens to most of us!

Over the years, I have progressed to prescription glasses, and have gotten more serious about finding the perfect frames. I have the hardest time wearing them in public. It’s like it’s a sign of getting older or something…’s really dumb, but true! I will strain and strain my eyes to be able to read something BEFORE I get out my glasses! I’ve had some pretty amazing frames and have done a real good job at losing ever single one, and all while traveling! Why is it so easy to do this….and I consider myself ORGANIZED! It makes me crazy when I lose an expensive pair of glasses!

THIS pair… my last good pair. I’m hanging on to them for dear life too! They might not be the most up-to-date frame, but I LOVE them! As I was searching for links for my post, I went to Nordstrom and couldn’t believe at ALL the great looking readers they had! I had no idea they carried reading glasses!!!! These were my favorite because they reminded me so much of my very first expensive ones that I lost!

But if you’re like me….and you lose your glasses a LOT, you may want to just settle in on the more budget-friendly kind! Here are some from Target that are pretty cute still. By using this kind, there’s no stress involved! If you lose them or break them, it’s not so hard on your wallet!!! AND you can afford to have a pair in every part of your house and an extra pair to carry in your bag! And that’s sort of what you have to do….besides tying them around your neck!!!!

I apologize for my blog being out of commission for a couple of days. Technical issues are so tough to deal with! I appreciate all your emails and comments telling me you’ve missed my blog. Today…..I will catch up! THANK YOU to every single one of you fabulous friends……I sure do appreciate YOU!


6 thoughts on “Afraid Of My Readers

  1. Phew, I was glad to open your post and find none of your blog readers was harassing you! 😉

    I had laser eye surgery when I got to the point that I needed to have multiple readers. If you haven’t looked into it, I would strongly recommend doing so! It’s been 10+ years since I had mine done and I only need to pull out readers when reading very, very small fine print which is extremely rare. It is really wonderful and I can’t say enough good things about it!

  2. Hi Dawn! I’m assuming because of my blog being out of commission all week??? Technical difficulties are the worst!!! I have checked in to lasik surgery, but my eyes aren’t that bad. But I’ve heard so many talk about how awesome it is….maybe some day! Happy that you had a positive experience with it!!! Thank you for your comment! XO

  3. Shauna, I was actually referring to the title of the post. 😉

    Yes, for me the procedure was very liberating!

    1. Lori, YOU are so sweet! Since your comment it’s been down again. I’M FRUSTRATED BEYOND WORDS. I hope you’ll be patient with me!!!! Have a great day! XO

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