My Fur Baby

When you find the funkiest most fabulous fur baby ever…you share it with your friends!!! This bag is so good for a little or a lot, and makes quite the statement!!!

First….I have to say that I’m having tremendous issues with my website, and APOLOGIZE profusely to all who care. It’s up and then not, and thank heavens for my friend Peter, who has given his whole weekend and then some, to help me! How do you ever re-pay anyone like that??? He and his wife Gerda, are genuine in EVERY way!

But back to the bag. It has been not only fun, but SO FUNCTIONAL! As a photographer it is perfect for carrying around my camera, along with all of my other “stuff”.  It would be the perfect one for traveling because you can carry all the extras and still look fashionable! Wouldn’t it make the best Christmas gift such as a new mom that wants a bag to carry her baby necessities that still looks cute? It works for ANY age!!! I’m loving mine!

PRAY for me friends! I need your prayers in EVERY way! Technical issues are the worst!


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