Last Days of Summer

I love this holiday, Labor Day, that we are celebrating here today. For us here in America, LABOR DAY signifies the last days of summer, and is that one last day to soak in all the SUNSHINE we can find and everything and anything SUMMER you can think of. A highly traveled day to the mountains, to the lake, or to the beach! But really LABOR DAY is dedicated to the achievement of American workers. And a big THANK YOU to our workforce who keep our nation running!

However, Labor Day does signify the end of SUMMER. I’ve been blessed with many beautiful 2018 summer memories. My granddaughter’s baptism, many birthday celebrations, sleepovers, and lots of tennis, and many accomplishments due to my blog. But probably the highlight was this trip I had to Florida, celebrating Chicos 35th year, and then a few extra days with SheShe on Sanibel Island. I talked about that whole experience here. But more specifically I wanted to talk about this day. This will always hold such precious memories for me. I also wrote about it here. The beautiful white sand between my toes, my first official “shelling” adventure (I have all of them displayed in a crystal bowl on my coffee table), a gorgeous day on a boat with the wind blowing in my face….it was HEAVEN! I loved this day SO MUCH! I could have possibly spent my whole summer there!

My friends are my LIFE. They are my SUPPORT. They mean more to me than ever before in my life! Their encouragement and support and advice are invaluable to me! I cherish each one and am SO BLESSED to have their influence! My friendships bring such a calm in to my world, where so often I’m overwhelmed by the chaos that comes with life. I thank the good Lord above every single day for moments like this day and for my precious friendships! Thank you SheShe for EVERYTHING this day was for me!

You’ve heard me say many times before how uncomfortable I am in swimsuits! This is my way of getting around that issue! Swim shorts! What do you do….are you confident enough to go without any type of cover-up? NOT ME….NOT EVER! I’ve linked some fun swimming suits and cover-up options for you below, along with some CIRCLE beach towels! Oh, they are THE BEST! This one was just one of the gifts from CHICOS while I was in Florida! It may be time to put away all swim wear, but when I find some that are good….regardless of what time of year it is, I definitely will buy and save for a warm sunny day!


Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “Last Days of Summer

  1. Shauna how lovely to see you having fun on the beach. I spent the day doing just that too on our little beach on the uninhabited islands where we live. Taking time out is vital for our emotional well being and you are indeed looking the picture of good health. I’m such a fan of yours and love to see your wonderful antics on your insta-feed.
    Wishing you a great week sweetie!
    Anna x

    1. Hi Anna! What a thoughtful comment! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You live on an island?? That sounds like heaven to me! I always love being on the beach! Sanibel Island was beautiful!! XO

  2. Hi Shauna! I am right there with you girl! Swim shorts or board shorts are MUST HAVES and my GO TO swimwear. I’ve had great success finding swim shorts that fit me AND look good at Athleta, Title Nine and Tommy Bahama.

    1. Hi DJ! Aren’t they the best to use to cover all that stuff we don’t want seen in public??! :O There are so many good options these days, and I love Athleta too!!! XO

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