How Do You Love A Sweater Dress

How do you love a sweater dress

I’ve not always been a fan. How do YOU LOVE a sweater dress? I usually don’t go for them because they can be clingy and tight in all the wrong places. And not only that, but some of them can be on the see-thru side and then it can get really bad. But I’ve changed my mind a bit with this one.

There are always lots of questions about the sweater dress….

Are people still wearing them? Are they on trend, and does that matter if you love them? First off, IF you LOVE them and feel good in them…. I believe they will always look good! Second, yes they are all over the place, especially now in the fall!

Where is it appropriate to wear a sweater dress? I always say, that most things can be appropriate anywhere, depending on how you style them. For an office setting, DO NOT wear one that is TIGHT and too form-fitting. My dress above, would be perfect for the office because it isn’t tight and doesn’t have any high slit, and completely covers. Wear a blazer over the top for a more polished and professional look. But then you can actually wear it with sneakers and look completely casual and cool!

Can you wear a sweater dress all year long? YES! Depending on the weight of the fabric, the cut of the dress, you can most definitely wear it all year long. Summer wear a cap sleeve or sleeveless and maybe or maybe not, stay away from a turtleneck. Perhaps a more open neckline would be more comfortable. For warmer weather you would pull out your high or low sandals and look very chic!

Can any body-type wear a sweater dress? This is where you might want to be a little careful with FIT, FABRIC, and CUT. Anything that is tight I think looks awful…… unless maybe you’re sixteen! You want the dress to fit, but not cling, just gently outlining your curves! You also, and this is for anyone, want the fabric to be substantial, NOT TOO THIN! So yes, even a woman that is curvy can wear a sweater dress!

So….. how do you love a sweater dress? Have I changed your mind about them? Do you think you’ll wear one anytime soon?


The sweater dress reminds me of a story I tell often. There was a lady I met at a tennis tournament. We were sitting in box seats for the whole week, and so I saw her everyday. The first day she came in a white sweater dress. It was very fitted or snug as some might call it. The thought went through my mind, “she probably shouldn’t be wearing that at her age.” By the weeks end, as I got to know her and her confidence, I loved what she came in and how good she felt in it! She was very well put together and groomed immaculately. CONFIDENCE TRULY IS EVERYTHING, and she definitely proved that to me!

Shauna XO

I wore a sweater dress here in this blog, from Target!

7 thoughts on “How Do You Love A Sweater Dress

  1. First of all…you look picture perfect in this photo and I love the sweater dress! I think they are still in style as I see a lot of women wearing them, however some look great and others not so great. I find it interesting that there can be two women side by side weighing the same yet carry their weight differently. I believe that if your curves are in the right places then go for it!

    1. Hi Suz! I feel like I’m most likely to wear things I feel are trending, along with some classics here and there. But I believe that if a woman feels good in something she should wear it!! And knowing your body type is key to great styling!!! HAPPY SUNDAY girl!!!!! XO

  2. Definitely, a bit of time and energy is needed when hunting for a sweater dress….I have always loved the silhouette of them. I think with some searching and a little luck, anyone can find one that looks flattering on them!

    1. Cheryl YES, I believe so too. Hopefully here with my top picks, ANYONE could find their version of a sweater dress! Have a wonderful week my friend! XO

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