Shopping At Target Has Become My Norm

Shopping at TARGET has become my norm….. seriously. I have always loved Target. I think it’s clean and hip and has great customer service. But honestly since COVID, I’ve found myself there more and more, since a lot of other places have either disappeared or I’m not traveling to Salt Lake City to do my shopping! Target has been my GO-TO for practically anything.

I used to not pay attention to their clothing because I’ve preferred shopping “MY PLACES” for my clothes. But it seems every single time I’m there, there’s something that catches my eye! THIS DRESS was one of them. It is The Who What Wear brand and is ON SALE NOW for under $20. The knit is thick and nice, the fit is perfect, and I thought sassy and fun! The BW color combo make it perfect for adding your favorite color when accessorizing!

I’ve chosen my red bag from CHICOS which too is on sale. A red bag can be considered more of a neutral than you realize. What color does it not go with? It’s also such a great size too, for just what you need to carry around.

I’ve linked up for you below, MY FAVORITE THINGS from TARGET right now. I feel like you can always expect great quality from Target. I took back a couple of things the other day, and it was effortless! I didn’t even have a receipt, just gave them the credit card I had used, and they were able to find them. It was SO NICE I can’t even tell you! GREAT customer service IS EVERYTHING!

I also wanted to say more about these COZY little jogger pants. Oh my…. they are so soft and comfy and wash and dry up so beautifully! WINNERS! And…. LOVE their high-neck tees! SO GOOD to wear underneath your crewneck sweaters for just a hint of white…. so sharp looking! These jeans also come in black with a super fun rugged hem! And lastly, these booties might be on their way to my house! They remind me so much of a fabulous pair of Rag and Bone pair I had a few years ago!

So for all of you who tell me to post more affordable pieces….. here you go! You can see why shopping at TARGET has become my norm!

Have a great week and ENJOY the little things!!!

Shauna XO

2 thoughts on “Shopping At Target Has Become My Norm

  1. I try and stay away from the clothing dept (usually unsuccessfully) because I simply cannot justify more clothes, but then……

    I discovered the costume jewelry dept. Ooops! Though other options are available, my very inexpensive but stylish Target pieces call to me almost every day! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉

    1. Ok Dawn…… how have I missed THIS department??? I’m on my way THIS week to check it out! Have a wonderful CHRISTMAS!!! XO

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