About These Pants With Personality

About these pants with personality!!! Aren’t they cute? And….. with less than a week before Christmas, I better get a MOVE-ON! I swear no matter how organized I am, and I was more-so this time around than any other, there’s ALWAYS just one more thing I need to do! Well actually two….. no three! Yikes!

But first let’s chat about these pants. I bought them on-line (I do much of my shopping on-line) and was a bit hesitant not knowing how they would look. A lot of people say to me, “You look good in anything!” That is SO NOT TRUE! There is much that doesn’t look good on me AT ALL! I think because I KNOW what usually works for me, it may seem that ANYTHING looks good.

Some of the things I have to think about when shopping is…. will it swallow me up? Is it hitting me at the right place on my body. If I wear things that hit me at my hips, it’s usually not good! If I can emphasize my waist, it’s usually better! And usually the tunic and leggings look, doesn’t work for me either! Where something hits me on my calf is important! Especially being short, this is really key! So, it’s all a matter of knowing what works for your body-type!

When the pants arrived on my doorstep and I tried them on, I knew that they were going to work! My waist is emphasized, and they are relaxed through the legs. The length was perfect! They’re actually supposed to be cropped, but for me a normal length! The brighter shade of green was better for me as well! And the button-up detail is right on trend! LOVE THEM!

These pants with personality, I don’t think need much. You see I’ve paired them with the best cropped black sweater I’ve ever had (still available too) and just a pop of red with my patent red leather boots from at least three years ago!

If you get stuck with pants that have personality, here are some ideas of ways you can style them!!!!!

LOOK ONE with a graphic sweatshirt!

LOOK TWO with a velvet shirt!

LOOK THREE a bit dressed up!

Have a wonderful weekend and try to ENJOY THE MAGIC all around!

Shauna XO

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    1. Michele, if you hover over the picture of the sweater, the carousel of pics just under my pic, and click, it will take you to the site where you can purchase the sweater. Does that make sense? The whole outfit is linked. XO

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