Rewriting The Rules Of Cell Aging

Rewriting the rules of CELL AGING with Celltrient today. It’s been interesting for me as a blogger, to learn about all these different products out there, that I wouldn’t normally be aware of. Part of my job is to review them, and then share them with you. I don’t ever promote things that I don’t think would help others…. especially in my demographic.

This product, CELLTRIENT, has been really informative. I guess I hadn’t ever thought much about my cells and what they do and how they affect my health. Celltrient works in conjunction with your body’s natural processes which will help REVITALIZE the health of your cells!!!! Sounds pretty good to me!

Celltrient offers a wide-range of products. I’ve been using the ENERGY line. You can see all their products here. I rely on my energy to get me through my days. I work hard and want to be able to keep up! The energy line helps me maintain that energy by working form the cellular level. A shortage of NAD+ can limit your energy production! This little packet mixed in to your drink will increase the NAD+! I’ve definitely noticed a difference!


New advances in scientific discovery are ongoing, and such good news for all of us! It’s good to know, that ways to improve our health are ALWAYS ADVANCING! Celltrient has uncovered the important role cellular health plays in how we age.


TRANSFORM YOUR CELLS and feel yourself come alive….. literally! Celltrient is on it’s way to rewriting the rules of cell aging! You can check everything out on their website! It’s a great brand who is doing great work at keeping us all at our healthiest!!!!! And that’s great news all the way around! I’ve felt the ENERGY and so can you!

Shauna XO