Keep Going Keep Growing

Keep Going Keep Growing is what I’ve been trying to do this past week! What a CRAZY and CHALLENGING week it’s been! Without going on and on….. I had been having some pain in my tooth and it ended up needing a root canal. It ended up going bad. I swear I had never felt this pain, even in giving birth! I have been known to have a very high tolerance for pain, and so for me to literally be crying tears like a little kid, I knew it had to be SUPER BAD!

We started off with trouble getting the prescription, miscommunications, etc. It became not only extremely painful, but then very frustrating!!!! So…. enough of that. The point I want to make is PERSEVERANCE! My parents are THE BEST EXAMPLE of this to me. They worked so hard all throughout their lives, they sacrificed, and they always did their best! As I was going through this, and feeling so helpless as I slept and slept AND SLEPT… I thought of how my dad must have felt those last months of his life. He literally was knocked on his butt, and couldn’t do the things he enjoyed doing.

My mother too….. has experienced aches and pains, the loss of my dad, and then going through COVID alone. She is always “DOING FINE” and positive and optimistic. She is so capable and is always worried more about others than herself. Her example of PERSEVERANCE to our family is unbelievable!

I didn’t think I took my health for granted….. but I found out that I had been. Getting up each day to exercise and work and eat will not ever be taken for granted again! My work will get caught up, my preparations for Christmas will continue, and I’ll soon be back on my feet! My husband cared for me with such compassion and love! I was so lucky to have him STAY by my side, check on me, make sure I was taking my medication, and seeing to it that I was eating something!

There was something I read on Instagram a few days ago. It was YOU CHOOSE YOUR HARD. As we push through hard things, it’s much easier to KEEP GOING and KEEP GROWING. Because by doing HARD THINGS it brings GROWTH. I will never be one to pray for trials so I can experience growth, but I’m so grateful for what these challenges teach me. Keep GOING keep GROWING…. is what I’ll do!

HOPE you all are finding JOY in this most WONDERFUL time of the year!

Shauna XO

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8 thoughts on “Keep Going Keep Growing

  1. Shawna,
    I think I’m in the same boat about taking my reasonable good health for granted too. I was diagnosed with Coronavirus the 2nd of the month and have been off work since. I too am blessed with a wonderful hubby that checked on me while I’ve been in quarantine and made sure that I ate when I didn’t want to. I’m still weak and just now starting to feel better. All I’ve wanted to do was sleep. I have an autoimmune disorder which has made it worse.
    I have lost a bunch of weight. I plan on trying to keep going with the weight loss and can’t weight until I can be out walking again.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    1. Connie… SO SORRY! I’m glad to hear though that you’re on the mend! BLESSINGS to you and your family throughout the Christmas holidays as well as THE NEW YEAR! Hopefully 2021 is kinder to us all! XO

      1. I love your energy and enthusiasm! I think I need to color my hair pink now because it looks so great on you!
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        1. Missy yes….. I think you need to color your hair PINK too!!!!! I loved it when my hair was PINK, and would definitely do it again! So go for it! Would be AWESOME!! XO

  2. Oh gosh, I don’t think there are many pains worst than tooth pain. I’m glad your on the mend.

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