It’s All The Cozy Sets!

I heard the other day that COZY is “a word” for 2020! So…. it’s all the COZY SETS today! I’ve always called my comfy clothes my COZIES, and we all know that we’ve basically been wearing COZY STYLE since March! It seems that I’m buying it WHENEVER I find another cute set! THIS is ONE of my latest, and sold as joggers and a tee….. NOT JAMMIES! But, you definitely could wear them that way. Linked above!

I’ve worn mine only at home, but that’s mostly because I don’t really go anywhere! I’m seriously working at my desk MOST of the time. So you see why I love a CUTE COZY SET! My husband does all of our shopping and most of our errands, so I can work. But….. IF I needed to go out in these I certainly would. I would get my booties on and a cute jacket maybe even a scarf, and GO!

I wanted to show you all the cute COZY SETS out right now. These would make a great gift for women of all ages! To dress any of these up to look more like GOING OUT AND ABOUT, just add some cute booties or sneakers. I like my booties better because to me it makes these sets feel more dressed up.

I think BOHME might have the best cozy sets right now…. and at a super great price!! The one I’m wearing above is from Bohme. You’ve heard me talk about their store recently! The affordable prices make so much sense this time of year. I actually bought these boots for my granddaughter there! She’s going to LOVE them!


I’m loving the look right now, of these furry Birkenstocks with thick socks. I think it looks so cute for this kind of look! You could wear something like this with any of these sets here.


This light palette is so beautiful for winter. Pretty at home and pretty going out with a soft scarf and statement jacket! You see here how wearing this set with booties, elevates the whole look in an instant!


This just happened to land on my doorstep today…. imagine that!!! This really REALLY is a super luxurious knit. They would absolutely be fine out and about…….. even to meet up with friends, or to go to dinner with your hubs! I’m not even kidding! They are made of a really thick and nice knit!


This look has a super fun sporty vibe to it! The white might scare some off during the wet winter months, but by tucking or rolling up the pants and wearing with these waterproof boots, you should be ok! It’s fresh, modern, and chic!

Hope you’re now more comfortable wearing all your cozy sets almost anywhere! Just make sure that if you’re wearing them outside your home, that they are CLEAN, PRESSED, and looking FRESH! Any of these looks all crumpled up and looking slept in….. WILL NOT BE COOL when you leave the house! Just sayin!!!!!

Take care friends!

Shauna XO

8 thoughts on “It’s All The Cozy Sets!

  1. The top picture is a perfect picture of comfort and fun – cute girl, cute outfit on a beautiful hand-made quilt by a loving sister! xoxoxoxo

      1. Jamie…. I hope she sees this! I’ll make sure to send it to her! THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! Hope your family is well, I still remember all of you too! XO

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family ! I look forward to you wonderful pictures and photos, enjoy your ability to inspire women today .

    1. Hi Teresa…. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours as well! It’s been quite a year! Hoping that 2021 will be KINDER and GENTLER to us all! Thanks for your kind words! Take care! XO

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