Merry Christmas To All

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL….. how grateful I am for each an every one of you and your support! When we sing about THIS being the most wonderful time of the year…. it’s true, isn’t it? It’s full of excitement, and sparkle, and family, and anticipation, and gatherings (even virtually)! I LOVE it! This is now my third Christmas with my amazing husband! Remember I met him in November, so almost a whole year with him before we were married!

I think MY FAVORITE memory of this Christmas will be that of my mother. It’s been hard living far away from her, and not being able to get together as much as we’d like. I’ve wondered how she is getting along with COVID and not going about her business as she’d like. I’ve wondered if she’s okay without my dad by her side. Each time I talk to her, she shows me once again that SHE IS A ROCK. She’s always fine, always positive, and always full of wisdom. Oh how I LOVE HER!

I was wanting to go up and visit her early in the month, and do something special for her, possibly with my two sisters. I thought maybe a surprise lunch at one of their homes. But as we started in to the month, my sisters didn’t think it was a good idea, and I would never want to put my mom in jeopardy with her health and COVID and such. So….. sadly I decided not to go. What could I do for her to make her December special?

THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!!!! That was it! I went to Target, and thoughtfully chose twelve gifts. She’s a very practical lady, and so I didn’t want to just buy a bunch of stuff! A treat here and there, some cozy jammies, a 2020 ornament, and snuggly socks were some. I came home and wrapped and labeled and shipped her packages. I didn’t think much of what I was doing really…. I mean another box and gift for my mom. It would at least be something.

When she got it and opened it up, she was thrilled to have ALL THOSE GIFTS underneath her tree. She took a picture and sent it to me and said, “I’ve never had THAT MANY GIFTS under the tree just for just ME!” That thought had never occurred to me. When someone gave her a gift, they came, they gave, she opened, and done. NOTHING ever sat under her tree. WOW! As she’s opened up her gifts, she has messaged me to tell me what it was that day. Many of the days she has been brought to tears, being full of gratitude.

My mama’s TWELVE gifts all wrapped up and tucked under HER TREE!

I’m SO GRATEFUL that SHE was the one that made MY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! It will forever be a beautiful memory for me to think back on! My MOM is such a strength of ALL THAT IS GOOD! I KNOW my daddy is close by her side and under her roof with her… even though she can’t see him! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL….. to my mama and daddy!

My athleisure set is from Anthropologie and sold out quickly. Here is a link to some more comfy styles. THIS and THIS Chicos set is SO SIMILAR. It’s also on MAJOR SALE!

This has been a crazy year, that we will all be glad to put behind us! I’m praying that 2021 will be KINDER! I just hope that we won’t forget all the silver linings of 2020. The blessing of more time together was the biggest one. It taught us all what truly was important. We learned to not take our health and relationships for granted! I’m grateful for the PEACE that my relationship with God gives me. It’s through Him that I’ve gotten through many difficult things.


Shauna XO

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6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas To All

  1. Beautiful story! Love is shown is so many different ways. Thinking outside the box has made your Mama have a special Christmas to remember. Blessing others brings so much joy.

    1. Hi Janel and MERRY CHRISTMAS! It has been fun waiting for her texts each day telling me what she opened. It’s been FUN for both of us! Bless you and yours this new year! XO

  2. So Shauna, so sorry for your loss and excited for you and all of us in our joys! I do hep 2021 is kinder to the world, grand gesture, I know. So I was thinking, you marketing genius that you are have already had the thought, that it would be amazing after we are all vaccinated and feel safe to come together and gather as a group for fun, fashion, and sisterhood, what do you think? Merry Christmas, in the meantime 💗

    1. Hello Katharine…. MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you for stopping by! I would love to meet all of you one day. Let’s pray for a HEALTHY AND SAFE AND PRODUCTIVE AND FUN AND ADVENTUROUS NEW YEAR!!!! xo

  3. What a beautiful story and how wonderful that you realize how blessed you are! I too was blessed with wonderful parents, so wonderful God wanted them back with Him. My holidays are filled with beautiful memories, tears of longing and a rush of comfort from their love that transcends the gap. My mama sounds a lot like yours. She was always positive, she would often say, more like always say, that a millionaire couldn’t buy what she had and that was not lip service…she MEANT it with every fiber of her being. Your gifts made me smile as they would have been similar to what I would choose for my mama, another practical lady. I am a little late to the post to say Merry Christmas so instead Happy New Year, 2021 a year of HOPE!

    1. Michelle, thank you so much for your sweet comment! MOTHERS are such a blessing in our lives….. even when gone. So happy you have beautiful memories of her! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!!!!!! XO

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