A Small Little Thank You

Just a small little THANK YOU to all of you out there who have supported me throughout this year. With 2020 just a few days away, I’m thinking back on 2019 with so many emotions! It has been quite the year for me…..totally taken out of my comfort zone and learned to live alone, be self-sufficient, and basically become a LADY BOSS!

But before all of that I want to give you a visual of who I was before these passed couple of years. I was a stay-at-home mom all the years I was raising my boys. I had never worked outside of the home really, and after they were gone, I continued to stay home and live a life doing the things I loved….tennis, photography, and spending time with my grandchildren.

In 2018 I was made aware of so many things in my life that needed to change…my marriage. The thought of this scared me to death. I didn’t know if I could do it, even though things were more serious than I wanted to believe. But my blog basically provided a way out and on to my life now.

I was able to not only start a new life, but with a new man whom I absolutely adore. He is so good, so kind, so trustworthy, an amazing dad, is faithful, honorable, and loves God. Oh…..and he’s an amazing cook! I could go on and on about him, but I don’t need to. I know he’s good and I feel extremely safe with him.

We have now been married for almost four months. It’s been amazing. I relocated to where he lives, which pulled me away from my family. But I’m close enough to be able to drive to them in just a few hours. They’ve all been down to stay with us and he has welcomed them with open arms. In just a few short months I moved twice, traveled extensively, ran my blog, got married, and mourned my daddy’s passing.

It has been quite the year. But I follow the example of my mother. She’s an angel. She is strong and happy, healthy and capable. She is doing fine and knows my daddy’s close to her. She’s been through some very hard things, but remains faithful and strong. I love her for that.

Our first Christmas together as a married couple has been full of celebrations. My life with him will be rich and full of FAMILY. His family has treated me like gold. They have been incredible to me! It has been such fun integrating myself and my family in to his.

I HOPE you have all had a BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS and that this NEW YEAR of 2020 will be fabulous for you! Set some new goals. That’s what I’ll be doing. Goals will push you to be better and to do more!

You have all been incredibly sweet and supportive! So just a small little thank you to you and to those brands that I’ve worked with that have been so good to me!








Shauna XO

11 thoughts on “A Small Little Thank You

    1. I have enjoyed everyone of yout blogs…
      Especially being a woman 60 to beable to look good, feel good, is a joy to be at this age and enjoy life…

      1. Hi Deborah! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment! It’s nice to truly know that AGE should never stop you from living your best life! XO

  1. You are the definition of a Lady Boss!! You have inspired me to be better and do better! My goal for 2020 is to become a Lady Boss and to see you more! Love ya sista from a different mister

    1. Lisa THANKS girl! Just a few short years ago I never would have imagined that I could be a LADY BOSS!!!!! And YOU were so instrumental in getting me to that point! LOVE YOU TO PIECES SWEETS! #girlPOWER XOXO

  2. I’ve enjoyed your blog so much these past few years. I’m happy to have “stumbled” upon such a wonderful, creative journal of your life. I think we all should be Thanking You!!!

    1. Cheryl, YOU ARE SO SWEET! It would be so fun to meet you! Your support means the world to me, it really does! HAPPY NEW YEAR girlfriend! XO

  3. Both of you look very fashionable. Any chance you could supply the brands of clothing your husband is wearing. Would love to get the shirts for my husband. You both look great!

  4. Just started following you in the last several months because we both share a love of Chico’s. Your pictures, blog, FB posts all radiate so much energy and love of life. I think you are doing more than great, because after I started following you, you started popping up everywhere online🤗😜
    I’m glad you posted the “THANK YOU” message today that provided a life context and background for those of us just getting to know you. And. I look forward to seeing you bloom in a new garden of your life. Wishing you all the best in 2020❣️

  5. Your story gives me HOPE. I was married for 24 years and I knew something had to change. I’ve been divorced for 16 years and have been independent ever since. I bought a small house which I love, I’ve had my own business for 30 years and I guess you could say I’m a ‘LADYBOSS”. I would love to meet a new man but I’m not going to settle. In the years since my divorce I’ve had two relationships but neither were right and I knew it. I’ve done the online dating which hasn’t worked for me. I pray regularly in hopes that one day GOD will bring that man into my life, until then I count my blessings and enjoy the life I have NOW. It’s so important for women to encourage one another and I feel like your blog does that. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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