Friends today I want to chat about MY LOVE of the CHICOS BRAND. And just right off the bat, I won’t be able to find all the words necessary to express my appreciation to a brand that has done MORE for me than any other brand I’ve worked with. Remember these fab CHICOS tees and floral pants?

I’ve blogged a lot about their fabulous clothing… it’s so well made and thought out from the design to the fit to the fabrics and colors. I have been lucky enough to visit their offices in Fort Meyers, Florida. That blog is here. This is where they discuss, design and plan EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of each piece of clothing! I mean they even have artists that come up with the designs that are so beautifully on the clothing.

Remember THIS WRAP that CHICOS designed for me as a wedding gift? The symbolism on it is so meaningful to me and my husband, and is a gift I will treasure FOREVER! This too, was all designed and made by Chicos! WOW is just not enough!

But on to why I really, REALLY APPRECIATE and LOVE the Chicos team. As some of you may know, I started the process of a divorce late in the year 2018, and remarried just a few months ago. I have worked on different projects with Chicos pretty much from the early years of my blog which I began the end of 2015. Chicos has consistently given me the opportunity to work and to grow my platform. They have believed in me, trusted me, and been SO GENEROUS to me!

I could safely say that Chicos contributed in me being able to support myself! This confidence that they helped me achieve truly did give me the courage to get out of a very unhappy and unhealthy marriage. I can still remember the day that I sat down and added up all of my expenses, and an “average” of what I was bringing in. This awakening of “I think I can do this on my own”, was SO EMPOWEREING and nothing like I’ve ever felt before.

Chicos believes in women and supports women everywhere. I love their mission…….

We are committed to providing the most amazing personal service to our customers and to each other.

They take this seriously and it is appreciated by not only me, but so many women out there. I hosted an event for them in Chicago a couple of years ago. The things I heard customers saying was heartwarming. Chicos customers are ones that have been around for years and years!

SO THANK YOU DEAR CHICOS TEAM……I will forever be grateful for what you have done for me personally! You’ll never, ever know how much this has meant to me in being able to become a LADY BOSS! HAPPY HOLIDAYS and wishing you the BEST NEW YEAR of 2020!!!!!!

I’ve linked two of MY FAVORITE LOOKS from CHICOS right now!

This jacket is the only thing you want to shine here! I paired it with just a clean white look underneath with some fun sparkly jewelry and nude bootie!

And then there’s THESE jeans! I LOVE these! They could be worn with either the long graphic tee or the sweater. But honestly they could be treated a neutral and worn with SO MANY THINGS!

So that wraps up my thoughts on my LOVE for the CHICOS brand! It’s a brand that you can’t go wrong with…..EVER!

Shauna XO

4 thoughts on “My LOVE Of The CHICOS Brand

  1. You rock Shauna! Your happiness with your new life and marriage is evident in every picture and post, and you are an inspiration to so many. Blessings to you and your family in the coming year!

    1. Hi Kay! THANK YOU SO MUCH! How sweet of you! I’m truly blessed by ALL OF YOU! I’m wishing for you the very same….. a BEAUTIFUL 2020!!!!! XOXO

  2. I loved that you felt empowered and capable for the first time ever upon flying solo!! I love Chicos for all that they do and their quality clothing!!

    1. Julie, THANK YOU for your comment! It seems sort of crazy now looking back…..that I was ever afraid to do what was right. It was so obvious to everyone, but when you’re in the middle of something, sometimes it’s so hard to see REALITY! AND everyone should LOVE CHICOS! They are an amazing company! XO

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