On My Way…

On my way bright and early this morning to my favorite city…New York! I’m going there for some celebrations with Chicos on what it is to BE BOLD! Yes, and I may just be wearing these happy pants, because they are so comfy and they are more than cute…so spring-like! Later this week I’ll be talking about clothing that will transition right in to your spring fashion, on Good Things Utah…Thursday to be exact! These pants are perfect for that…especially with some white pumps!

But back to being BOLD! Chicos is helping all of us mid-life aged women show who we are with confidence and pride! I LOVE their support! Please stay tuned to my Instagram stories! And there’s only one more week that I’ll be able to wear my 57 tee shirt…I’m soon to be 58!!!! Yippee!!!! Another great reason to celebrate!!!



7 thoughts on “On My Way…

  1. Gorgeous outfit! The brows look lovely. Mine as still healing! Have fun in New York! I can’t wait for Spring inspiration! It’s tough to transition out of winter although I long to…I layer layer layer!!!

    1. Hi Kathy…..LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS is right!!!!! Hope your SPRING arrives soon! XO

    1. Thanks girlfriend! That was a pretty racy pic of you I saw the other day that involved otk boots and mini skirt AND a fence!!!! 🙂

  2. Confident you’ll have a great time in NYC with all the other bloggers, especially Jamie@ morethanturquoise, she cracks me up. Can’t wait to see and hears about all your adventures. Godspeed

    1. Hi Cheryl…..yes that JAMIE is SUCH FUN for sure!!!!!!! Did you see we were twinning the other night?!!! XO

  3. I am trying to find out where to get a “57” tshirt, as that is what I turned in January!!!

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