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I have been waiting for so many years for my local ANTHROPOLOGIE store to have a fashion show.  FINALLY last night it happened! It was so fun seeing all the new spring fashions! I had the privilege of being one of the models! My outfit was picked out by the talented stylists at Anthro, and it was just perfect!!! THANK YOU to Nicole and Brittany! We started out with an orange jumpsuit, which I wasn’t feeling the best in, and so then we pulled in the jacket and scarf, but then it covered up the jumpsuit too much! Then we took the jumpsuit away and added these cute striped pants and embellished sparkly top. I LOVED the way it all went together…a bit unexpected with the two colors of red in the jacket and top, but it worked beautifully I thought!!!

Dirk, Nicole, and Brittany had everyone so organized with our names on everything, a quick run-through before the show of how exactly we should walk the runway, and even at the end a goodie bag for us all to take home. The store looked BEAUTIFUL! They all worked so hard to give everyone a fun evening of fashion! They are each so talented and have always been so kind to me! I can call them for ANYTHING, and they are always there to help! In fact I’ll be going on Good Things Utah next Thursday the 15th, and will be showing more Anthropologie looks that transition easily in to SPRING!

As you can see corals, blues, and pinks were a strong theme! Each of the girls looked adorable and so “SPRING-LIKE”! Anthro has such FABULOUS CLOTHES and accessories! The hats and bags looked darling! This is my FAVORITE time of year to shop, and this really put me in the mood and then some!



I loved my outfit SO MUCH….it came home with me! Each piece can be broken up and worn SO MANY other ways! The striped pants were so comfortable with lots of stretch! They’ll be so adorable with sneakers! The top….so pretty with a simple pencil skirt or roughed up jeans! And the jacket is such a fun and unique color! Below are a few of my favorite looks and links.


It was such JOY to see some old friends in the crowd, along with some NEW ones! I got to see my cousin Cindy, which I hadn’t seen for YEARS! She brought her daughter Becky too, or I think it might have been the other way around. Becky follows me on Instagram, and just recently learned that I was her mother’s cousin! My other cousin Lisa came too, along with Miss Utah International, Courtney, who I had the chance to meet when I judged the pageant a few weeks back! So many others, Trina, Tori, and D’Arcy! I’m so blessed to have all these supportive women around me! And it just happened to be National Women’s Day, the day of our event!

Have a nice weekend friends!


15 thoughts on “Anthro Spring Fashion

  1. Oh WOW, this combination of clothes is spectacular on you and with that pink hair to top it off…..Beautiful

  2. Gorgeous outfits to inspire and keep us hoping for spring! Love the colors when everything feels so gray and drab! You look lovely!

  3. Wow!!! Stunning as always, Love the Vibrant color. The Pink hair Set it Off!!! 🙂

  4. I wish i was there it looks like it turned out beautifully and i love how you embrace bright colors—GORGEOUS!

  5. I wish I could have been there to see my sis do her struttin’! Over-the-top fabulousness, and making it all look so easy and natural! And I’m glad you kept the pink hair for a little while longer 🙂

  6. I just love the anthropology in my area. I don’t know how they accomplish it but everything seems to come to a screeching halt as soon as i go through those huge doors. I’m instantly calm, it smell fantastic and I could (and do) spend hours in that place. ☺️

  7. Hi! I was at the show as well- you looked amazing! I was in a spot where I couldn’t capture any great pics- would you mind if I featured some of your pics? They are great! With of course a shout out to your blog! xox aj @juniperlemons

  8. Hi Shauna–I live in Salt Lake Cit and ever since I discovered your blog, I have expanded my fashion horizons! I am also 5’1″, over 50 and rock a short, curly asymmetrical haircut. I love bright lips and statement earrings. Your bold and sassy style inspires me to try new looks.

    I zoomed down to City Creek and purchased these great striped slacks. Love them! I tried on the sweater but the regular size didn’t hang well on me. I may try to order the Petite online.

    Thank you for representing our tribe! -jan

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