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The other day I got a comment on one of my social platforms from a woman who was not happy at all that I had posted a few items that were pictures from a website of young models. She thought since I was representing the 50+ year old women, that all my pictures should be that. But what she didn’t understand was that I don’t go out and buy everything I’m posting, but I DO post things that I would wear as an almost 58 year old. I never post anything that I wouldn’t wear myself. And these particular things that I had posted were really great pieces to transition in to spring fashion. They were on sale, and I thought a great price point and fun to have in your closet this time of year.

So, that being said…..I think camo can be one of those prints that women my age would steer away from, because they might think it looks too young, too trendy, or too hip. If you’re my age, what do you think? Do you think it’s TOO YOUNG looking? If anything, I think it can make someone older look very hip and with it, in a really up-to-date way! Remember that the way you may or may not pull off a trend, is how YOU STYLE IT! I LOVE camo and think it’s such a fun print to mix up with stripes and florals, OR wear just as is with denim, or any neutral. I’ve worn mine here with a feminine lace top! I LOVE the contrast between the two, a great juxtaposition! All of these white lacy tops I’m seeing a lot of lately, are MY FAVORITE thing right now! If I were in the market for just ONE thing, it would be one of these girly tops!!!

Linked here for you are some fun camo and lace options with some FABULOUS shoes too!!!


OH! And one more thing friends! If you’re here in Salt Lake City, I have some fun news for YOU! Our Anthropologie store over at City Creek Center, is having their very first FASHION SHOW tonight!!!!!! It’s not too late to come! I’ll be there and hope YOU will be too! Here are the details…

Thursday Mar 8th  |  6-8 pm  |  $10 admission goes to Career Wardrobe

RSVP here!

Have a great week everyone, and remember as I must….you can’t please everyone!


25 thoughts on “Camo Style

  1. I been wearing Camo for a long time now I’m 73 and loving it, love your Style Shauna, you look wonderful. I bought a lot of the Clothes you modeled keep doing what your doing you we are loving you and your Style. Looking soooooo good in Camo.

    1. Hi Rita…how sweet of you to say, thank you!!!! So happy to hear you’re rocking your camo at 73!!! XO

  2. You know since I’ve been following you I now find myself looking for camo pieces! Thanks for opening my eyes cuz I normal would have never considered them.

  3. I’m going on 65..been wearing camo for 15 yrs or more ..I love it…and you look great in it…love your style❤

    1. I’m 61 & I LOVE camo! Was looking at some jeans from afar this afternoon, if I had spotted before I went through the checkout I would have looked closer!

  4. Let’s get real, we’re not yesterday’s grandma! Aging gracefully with STYLE and embracing who we are. Love it.

  5. Love camo! And you wear it styled perfectly! Shauna, I, too, shop from stores that aren’t for grannies! Please keep posting any and all pictures of styles you like, because in doing so you are inspiring us to have fun, dress happy, and not take aging too seriously. ?

    1. Hi Cindy, you’re so sweet! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your comment!!!!! Keep dressing happy! XO

  6. You’re an absolute DollBaby! You look fantastic in everything you wear! Not everything you wear is plausible for me, but you give us such great ideas, open our minds, give us confidence and you’re so darn fun!

    Maybe, maybe the lady who challenged you was just having a bad day! Pay no attention to the naysayers, Shauna! Rock on!

    1. Hi Annie! A DollBaby…….my grandma used to call me Shauna Babydoll! Thank you for such a SWEET comment!!! XO

  7. Shauna, You have inspired me to go and buy a nice camo t-shirt. I am also almost 58. I find myself stopping to look at clothing that has the camo print on it. I love it.

  8. 68 and love my Chico’s camo ankle pants. So many options…can dress up or down. My pants were styled with a green metallic-ish eyelash poncho which has been super cute for Fall and Winter. As mentioned above, we are definitely NOT yesterday’s grandma!! 😉

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