LOVING the VEST Trend this Season

I’m really LOVING the VEST trend this season. How do you all feel about them? It seems there are some really strong opinions floating around out there, that vests seem too boyish, or too juvenile. For me personally I LOVE them. There are so many to choose from….. fitted, oversized, plain, print, and cropped.

So let me show you ALL THE STYLES here, just in case you haven’t heard anything about VESTS!

STRIPED LOUD AND BOLD…. here. This first one, is just a blast! You know how much I love stripes, and this mix of colors is really fun! You definitely could dress it up with some simple black pants, any of your jeans, and even with some denim shorts if you live in a warmer climate. If you wear sleeveless, wear it alone with your denim and a jacket over the top for an extra layer! DARLING!

CROPPED AND FITTED….. here. This would be absolutely so darling with some wide-legged pants or high-waisted jeans. Make sure you wear your bottoms at the waist with this cropped style. It would be very cute with a pencil skirt, or a long maxi! And what about this color???

AN INTERESTING TAKE ON A TURTLENECK….. here. You could wear this one so many ways. With the soft gray color, it will go with nearly everything. Wear it with some nice trousers, jeans, or even over a simple long dress belted in. It’s very versatile!

OVERSIZED COLORFUL AND PLAID… here. With this style, I personally would keep everything else very simple. Perhaps some black jeans and a white button-down shirt or even a denim shirt? Very sassy and bold! LOVE this one!

I plan to wear my vest with some pin-striped black pants, over a maxi with a belt, some white jeans and tan suede high boots, and I may even wear it alone since I live where we have mild winters. This is cashmere, and so very soft and comfy! What about wearing it with some loungers with a half tuck like I have here? Very CHIC!

Yes I’m for sure LOVING the vest trend this season! I’m spotting them everywhere, and there is nothing boyish about them at all! How do you feel about them? What’s your favorite?

Shauna XOXO

P.S. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen me wear these boots, jeans, earrings, and hat over and over again. I do this on purpose in order to show women how many ways they can wear something. I like to be able to stye things at least three ways, but when it’s more than that…….. EVEN BETTER!

10 thoughts on “LOVING the VEST Trend this Season

  1. I love that vest and everything looks great on you! Vests are such a fun and easy way to incorporate with your wardrobe! I’ve seen them worn over dresses also which is what I plan to do! Oh, and those earrings are just up my alley! A must have!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Suz…… YES! I’m catching on quickly to the VEST TREND! I love the idea over a dress for sure! They are a great way to wear a sweater type of look with out all the extra in your arms and such. That’s the very reason I LOVE vests for outerwear too! Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend! XO

    1. Hello Dee…. THANK YOU! It’s such a fun way to be a little different! Take care and come back again soon! XO

  2. I love vests or just layering period. The ones you’ve highlighted are great options!!! I’m very happy you always mention when you repeat items. I think in this day and age it’s important to bring attention to “shop your closet”…reuse, repurpose, recycle ♻️ Thank you Shauna❣️

  3. Cheryl…. yay to layering! One of the reasons I love fall is all the layers and textures! I agree with the shopping your closet mentality! It’s very easy to “forget” what we already have, and I’m glad you appreciate seeing things over and over again. I just did a photo shoot tonight with a sweater that I’ve posted SO MANY TIMES! It’s cute and cozy and I’ll continue to wear it! Thanks ALWAYS for stopping by girlfriend! XO

  4. Hi Janice….. thank you so much for stopping by! The vest is linked up underneath the first picture. Can you see the carousel of pics right under my first picture? If you hover over each of those images you’ll find it links to the vest, jeans, shirt, hat, jewelry, and boots. Does that make sense? But here is the link as well…..


    Come back again soon!!!! XOXO

  5. I love your blog and your fashion advice. While I am happy that God granted your explicit prayers for a beautiful home in a beautiful area., I have been praying very explicitly for God to end the war and genocide in Ethiopia. Why do you think God granted you a beautiful home but allows the slaughter of my friends family? I think that was a very entitled post and is hurtful to those praying about life and death issues.

    1. Ronda….. I’m sorry if I offended. I try to be very careful in all my writing because of all the hurt in this world. I remember feeling the same way a long time ago, when I heard a very well to do woman praying for something much bigger. So I understand and hope that you can see that in my position, the things I say will never please everyone. Take care. XO

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