Yellow Has To Be The COLOR Of The Year

YELLOW has to be the color of the year! Why?? Because it’s the happiest of all the colors, and we need LOTS OF HAPPY! Due to COVID it seems that whenever I see some yellow it instantly feels happy! Does color affect you that way? I’ve seen so much yellow on social media recently. Someone actually said to me after I posted this yellow dress…. I love that you are wearing yellow with white hair! I’m not sure why yellow seems like it would only go good with certain hair coloring. I think if you pick the RIGHT YELLOW, anyone could wear this color! I mean brunettes, blondes, redheads, and I even wore it with PINK hair quite a bit!

The second image, the collage, was taken a few years ago in California. I ended up returning the dress after wearing it for this picture because it was falling off my shoulders a bit. I’ve always regretted that though, because it wasn’t THAT bad, and it’s the PERFECT SHADE OF YELLOR FOR ME! I hope to someday find a dress similar to this one!!


You know how I love putting outfits together, and so here we go….. here are some SUPER FUN YELLOW outfits to take you through the summer. And maybe even possibly through your fall season. Remember there’s usually a way with clothing to transition it in to the next season, and probably good to think about that when purchasing new things. Maximizing what you have is the SMART way to do things!

LOVE this kimono…. so cute styled with your favorite jeans, graphic tee, and either sneakers or heels! HAPPY SUMMERTIME LOOK!

This skirt is so cute and easy for summer! I love it with just a simple white tee, and the yellow slides! So feminine and pretty but still very casual and comfy!

Sometimes…… you just need a touch of yellow, and this shirt is darling! It screams HAPPY! I’ve paired it with some fabulous white pants and again, either sneakers or heels, whichever you prefer! The contrasting earrings are perfect!

Which is your favorite? I want to say #1, no #3, or #2! Can’t choose…. I would wear them all! Yellow has to be the color of the year, because it’s so LIVELY and such a MOOD-LIFTER! Have a great day friends!

Shauna XO

CHECK OUT THIS YELLOW….. remember in Quebec?

22 thoughts on “Yellow Has To Be The COLOR Of The Year

  1. I don’t have anything yellow in my closet – I have never felt comfortable in yellow or green. I don’t know what others would think about how I looked in it. I think you have to be comfortable in the color regardless of fashion. Maybe someday I’ll try – maybe my opinion will change! xoxoxoxo

    1. For sure the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that you feel comfortable in it! Maybe you could try just a touch of yellow, like in a piece of jewelry maybe? XOXO

  2. One of my favorite summer wardrobe combos is my neon yellow top with olive green crops. I am also a sucker for yellow shoes. It just adds joy to my day.

  3. Gosh there isn’t one that I don’t like. The fern print crop pants are super cute! My first Michael Kors bag was a yellow satchel with whipstiching and braided handles, that was many seasons ago but every time I carry it someone runs up to me asking where I got it. I love to pair yellow with cobalt.

        1. Hi Kathy…. they are from over three years ago and no longer available. SO SORRY! XO

  4. Yellow hasn’t been my favorite color. I can pull off a pale yellow, and maybe a yellow with a pattern. I enjoyed looking through all your ‘yellow’ links ☺️

    1. Cheryl I really think there is a shade that would work for anyone, but for sure if you feel OFF in it, you should never wear it…. just like with any other color. Have a great week! XOXO

      1. Love yellow on you but especially love receiving these emails every Sunday morning. You are such a positive person, you seem to be a woman of great faith and hope. And, you do it all looking fabulous! You are an inspiration ❤

  5. I have always loved yellow. One of my favorite items in my closet is a yellow and white pique sheath dress. I have had it for over 10 years and always get compliments when I wear it. I have yellow ballerina flats and a very cute yellow cardigan that I wear with it. It always makes me happy when I wear it.

  6. Yellow is one of my favorite colors but I have yet to find a shade that I look good in! I keep trying though.

  7. As a 59 yr old highly successful Realtor in northern Michigan your analogy of how people are feeling is spot on. The anxiety and the “me” attitude are a dangerous combination. People are afraid of losing their jobs, their financial nest eggs, their children’s future due to education restrictions, their health and for some their lives. Everyone seems so polarized and wants to lay blame on one group or another. People want to fight and take their anger out on each other. We are in this together. The political climate and both parties look to cast blame and stir the pot instead of coming together and working on solutions. They and people’s behavior is downright shameful and sickening. We need to care about all lives, we need to respectfully listen and try and understand and learn from each other. We need to respectfully disagree but not hate the other person for their opinions. We need to stop blaming each other for the past but look at how our behavior today impacts each person and race. Republican or Democrat, black, white, yellow or any color this COVID has affected us all. We need to reach out to our neighbors and make sure they are okay, we need to kindly help out the Walmart greeter who is being screamed at while just doing their job and keeping the store open for all of us. We need to give a hand up, not a hand down to our fellow neighbors. I won’t engage in the political debate Because I believe both parties do good things and not so good things. I applauded the good and wont engage in the bad. I wont lose a friend over politics or money. Life is too short and precious. We need to love one another and work on our issues in a kinder way. Frustration is not a license to browbeat others, nor an excuse. If every person woke up everyday with the intent of being kinder and trying to help each other we would live in a world of compassion, love and joy. I love The yellows are a sunny color and maybe if we started wearing a yellow ribbon it would signify to others that we choose joy not anger.

    1. I LOVE the idea of wearing a yellow ribbon!! I envision people asking me what it’s for and there I go spreading some joy around❤️ I am a manager of a boutique in central Nebraska and my main focus is to make women feel beautiful and comfortable in the way they look!!!

  8. I love seeing what you are going to write and the outfits you share every Sunday but putting outfits together is a thing of the past ( for now I hope) . The only place I go is to the grocery and to take my husband to his Doctor’s appointments. May be you could do an article on staying home while staying stylish. I cannot stay in my Soma PJ’s all day, everyday. I first noticed you in ads for Chico’s and have loved you ever since. You are a doll and really enjoy “chic over 50”. Thank you!!

  9. This round my hairdresser and I went out on a limb and put a yellow gold in the fringe for my color streak. I also have gold/yellow ombre nails and have yellow toes with daisies.
    I have received numerous compliments indicating the color is like sunshine. 🙂

  10. Be bold, be blessed, always be beautiful you! Yes, you have to be comfortable in what you’re wearing and also the colors. I always thought I wouldn’t look good in certain colors but one day I got bold enough to try on some lovely colors at a boutique and when I stepped out to see myself in the huge 3 mirror of wonderfulness, I received so many compliments of how yellow complimented me. It made me feel absolutely gorgeous!

  11. I saw the pic of you in the bright yellow and black floral form anthro and had to have it. I got it in the mail yesterday and it is so beautiful! Very bright! I unpackaged it and tried it on, my husband walked into the bedroom and said what a great color! Love this dress! Thanks

  12. Hallo. Just before reading about the yellow dress I took out my yellow top for tomorrow – going to wear it with a blow blazer (its still winter here). I love yellow.

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