Maxis And Weekends Why Not?

Maxis and weekends why not? And not just weekends…. but ANYTIME! A few years ago I couldn’t get enough of the MAXI look. I had a bunch and loved wearing them. I’ve sort of forgotten about my maxis for a minute. I’m just not as in love with them as I used to be. I don’t really have a reason, but they sure have been neglected in my closet!

The other day I got this one out and wore it. We didn’t go anywhere, I just had it on with this casual WEEKEND tee. My husband said, “Oh I LOVE that dress!” He thinks that skirts and dresses are the same thing I guess! LOL! LOVE him! It was so comfy and felt so good wearing it again. I actually wore this in Baja, Mexico on a girls trip a few years ago! It’s very easy to glitz up a bit with heels and a different top!

Do you like maxis? I feel like there’s not as many available to shop these days. I’ve linked below some of my favorite new finds. I’ve said before that I’d so much prefer to wear skirts and dresses in the summer here where I live. They are cooler, and make me feel so girly! This one is one that I’ll have for a long, long time….. it’s that color YELLOW again that I’ve been talking about! I almost forgot I had it! It’s super cute with a chambray shirt too!

So…… maxis and weekends why not? OF COURSE! MAXIS are beautiful ANYTIME and should always feel good to wear! Below are some of my favorites!



Oh, and just a note about my hair…… I went and had a haircut last week and WO! She really got it good! I’m not quite sure I love how short it is. Seriously on one side it’s only 1/2″ long! Wow! It hasn’t been this short for awhile! But my stylist told me when I came in, that it didn’t look that bad! She said it’s not that hard to give yourself a quick trim…. I had my husband cut my hair a couple weeks ago! So, I may start going in every two months now as opposed to every month! Just a thought I wanted to share with you all. HAVE YOU CUT YOUR OWN HAIR???

Wishing you all a VERY HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL WEEK!

Shauna XO

This was fun to read about THE MAXI!

14 thoughts on “Maxis And Weekends Why Not?

  1. Hi Shauna, YES! I’ve tried to cut my hair to chicjen to do the length, but I’ve hir the bangs snd sides. Whew! Not my best work, but i did take off my gel nails and doing my own mani’s now if I can master the pedi lol think of all the money I’m saving can tip myself with new clothing haha. Love the maxi

    1. Yes Kathleen….. you should TIP YOURSELF WELL! I love that idea! I just got through giving myself a mani/pedi a couple hours ago! XO

  2. I went completely natural (The Big Chop) in April during the quarantine. I cut off all of my permed hair and dyed it black! My moto is, “It’s just hair. It’ll grow back!!”

    1. Rona I’ve always said that too…. your hair does grow back and so why not experiment?!!!!! XOXO

  3. Hi Shauna, skirt and T look so fresh! I always like to see your choice of shoes,… what is the message on your top? Your hair always looks great…my daughter just cut my hair from shoulder length to long pixie, she did a great job and I love it!
    Have a fun day!

    1. Rebecca thank you! My shirt says WEEKENDING! My shoes were none….. barefoot here at home! But sparkly sandals would be cute! That’s so great that your daughter was able to give you such a drastic haircut! And…. SO HAPPY you love! It’s SO MUCH easier…. and sassier in my opinion! Take care sweetie! XO

  4. Love maxis! I live in skirts and dresses in the summer and I actually prefer them over pants. My backside isn’t my best asset and dresses don’t emphasize that. LOL. As for the hair, super cute! You can get more time in between cuts so that is a plus.

    1. Hi Michelle…. I tell women that if they aren’t a fan of their lower half, skirts and dresses should be their best friend. They look feminine and flattering! Thank you so much for stopping by! Take care!! XO

  5. Love your hair and it looks great shorter! I’m not a fan of maxis either but you wear them well. Of course everything looks great on you. You are the perfect size. I have taken your picture in to my hairdresser numerous times for the cut style but have a hard time getting the look. I have a lot of hair, but it is baby fine and straight with just a little bend on the ends.

    1. Hey Jeanne…. it sounds like your hair would be perfect in a pixie cut! Of course it will never look like anyone else’s but your own! And that’s a good thing that we are all unique and individual! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon girl! XO

  6. Love the look of maxis but I do not own one. I am 5’3” and it requires a lot of looking to find one that’s “just right”. I have to remind myself in the summer to wear the skirts and dresses I DO have ☺️. I am a self proclaimed, frustrated hairdresser!!! I love to cut my own hair my husbands, kids the dog …if he stands still long enough!!! My actual stylist questions “what have I done this time?” each time I climb into her chair. I’m not that bad at it. When times were tight it saved us a lot of money ….now I just enjoy it lol. 😜

    1. Cheryl YES to saving some money on haircuts! It’s such a nice thing knowing that you can either do yourself or have someone help you, trim it up a bit here and there. I’m going to only go every other month with my hubs helping me in between!

      I’m only 5’1.5″ and seem to always get lucky with the length of a maxi! I’ve only had to have hemmed up a few times! Remember you can take the bottom edge and tie it up in a knot, sort of like a tee! Does that make sense? Try it!!! XO

  7. Ahhhhh!!! Fantastic tip!!!!….whole new ballgame~I’m getting on line tonight and see what I can find…I certainly do appreciate your knowledge & especially your creativity!!

    1. Of course Cheryl! LOVE LOVE LOVE to help women discover how fun fashion can be! XO

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