Dressing In Vibrant Color!

By now you all know that I love dressing in vibrant color! I’m sure I’ve mentioned here before, when I was in my early 20’s I had someone “color-code” me. I was told I was a VIBRANT SUMMER. These colors are hot pink, electric blue, bright yellow, etc. I payed attention to it a bit and noticed that the colors recommended for me really did seem to look better! I felt better in them and felt even like they made my skin look better.

Fast forward to nearly 40 years later……I’m learning more and more how important dressing in vibrant colors is! They HONESTLY do look better on me than anything else. Even when it comes to makeup, the bright pops of color on my lips look better than a nude color.

Of course the VIBRANT COLORS are great for me, but NOT for everyone. I would recommend to ANYONE, if they haven’t already learned what their best colors are….GO DO IT! It can be so valuable at any age, but if you get it done when you’re young, just think of all the time and money you could save if you’re buying things that look the best on you!

Buying in the right color palette definitely has a lot of advantages, but one I notice the most is…..I can pull things out of my closet for years and years (especially accessories) and they will always work! They mix in perfectly with all the new in my closet! Like for example scarves, or earrings or any kind of jewelry. Your clothing will get so much more use if you buy those colors that compliment you the best!

The outfit above is such a great example of a VIBRANT COLORED look! The yellow coat, pink earrings, and of course the sweater…..all vibrant and punchy!

THIS might help you decide which colors are best for YOU!

Below I’ve pulled together some fun VIBRANT COLORED things that if this is your color, would be great to spice up your wardrobe!

So whatever your colors are, one thing I know for sure….dressing in vibrant color sure does make me happy!!! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it!

Shauna XO

5 thoughts on “Dressing In Vibrant Color!

  1. Yes, yes, yes to color coding. I also had it done in my 20’s and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It has saved me lots of time and $$$ over the years. I wish I could wear “your” bright colors, Shauna, but, sadly, no. I do like my summer colors a lot though.

    1. Hi Dawn….YES I agree that it’s one of the best things to do for yourself!! I’m sure your SUMMER COLORS are just as BEAUTIFUL and FUN!!!!!! Happy Holidays Dawn! XO

  2. I always love your articles. I look great in bright blues and pinks when I was color coded years ago. It really helps you pull your wardrobe together.

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