Why I LOVE My Birthday!

Friends….. do you want to know WHY I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!? I mean so many people (especially women) get a little uptight or freaked out or just plain want to ignore their birthdays. NOT ME! I’m one that doesn’t mind sharing my age or talking about how getting to the midlife years is a beautiful thing. The view on aging is much more POSITIVE than ever before! Believe it or not getting older most definitely has its perks!

I wonder sometimes, if I didn’t feel good due to poor health, if I would feel the same way? It’s an interesting thought. I honestly don’t know because I do have great health now and haven’t ever really experienced a time in my life where I wasn’t healthy. So….. who knows for sure. I guess that’s why it’s so important to me to STAY HEALTHY and to do all that I can to eat right, get plenty of rest, and exercise. Also ones mental and spiritual health is just as important. It all works together and each one plays upon the other.

So why do I LOVE my birthday? I love it because I’ve reached another year! And with each year, I realize more and more that with age comes CONFIDENCE. It’s true that the older I get the more I see what’s important. The more I see that those small things that used to get under my skin, just don’t any more. At least as much as they used to. I have more acceptance of myself. I have become less stressed and less rushed. I do things better for the most part. I recognize the progress easier. I’m just plain not as hard on myself as I used to be.

With all that being said….. I’m still very far away from where I want to be. I love to be able to wake up each day with a NEW START. I love the idea of doing today better than I did yesterday. I guess that’s a big part of how I stay motivated! I’ve always been very self motivated and I’m so grateful for that. I’ve never needed anyone ever to push me to reach my goals. Now for sure there have been people who have pushed me to try something that I’ve not thought of on my own, but for the most part I’m extremely capable of pushing myself!

If I had any advice for anyone out there who is afraid of aging, I would tell them them this…..

LEARN HOW TO DO SOMETHING NEW…. this will not only give you confidence that you have learned something new, but it will be FUN! Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be hard, but when you do… it is so invigorating! Hobbies are so fulfilling!

HAVE FUN WITH FASHION AND MAKEUP…. and don’t get stuck in a rut! Don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles and colors! As you become more aware of what colors work on you, what shapes, what hairstyles, what makeup, you will not only look more beautiful, but FEEL MORE BEAUTIFUL. Is that all vain…… NO NO and NO! Self-care is good care, and so essential. And….. you have more time for self-care!

HAVE FRIENDS OUTSIDE OF YOUR FAMILY…. my mother is the very best example of this. She is 86 years old, and has had several circles of friends around her from the time she was married at 16 years old. She has high school friends, church friends, and neighborhood friends. These relationships have supported her through all of her years and especially since my dad passed away.

REALIZE HOW MUCH MORE TIME YOU HAVE NOW…. travel, explore, visit family and friends, learn, and sleep! Your life has been so busy up until now, and now is the time to ENJOY all that you’ve had to set aside up until this point! Take advantage of it!

KNOW THAT YOU CAN STILL BE MADLY IN LOVE…. I’m amazed every single day, at how the LOVE I have for my husband grows and grows and GROWS! We always tell each other, “I can’t believe how much more I LOVE you today than I did yesterday!” It’s really true. Even though I’ve only been married for a year and a half, if you’ve been married for years, it’s so SO IMPORTANT to keep it fresh and new and FUN! Remember to DATE…. keep DATING ALIVE in your relationship!

I’ve got MORE to show you from this shoot coming soon! SEVEN MAGIC MOUNTAINS!!

So however you feel about the aging process…. there’s no reason to be afraid of it! There’s so much to look forward to! All of the reasons above are WHY I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY! Your life is just beginning at midlife… seriously! I’m going to just be right over here ROCKIN THE AGES friends….. with my cupcake and candle and MAKING MY WISH!

By the way….. I’m SIXTY-ONE YEARS OLD TODAY!!!!

Shauna XO


I liked this article on an 84-year-old’s ADVICE ON AGING!

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  1. Happy Birthday! I’m right behind you, turning 61 in July! Shauna, I was in a Covid rut this past year and discovering your blog and insta page has snapped me out of it. You are such an inspiration in every way. Thank you for the insight, fun and fashion. And your hair! I’m seriously considering chopping mine off! Btw that jumpsuit is everything and looks fab on you! 🔥

    1. Hi Ronnie! First….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY in July!!! I’m so HAPPY you found me and that you are finding some inspiration here! Makes me so happy! And I think you should chop your hair off and have a pixie cut! We could be pixie twinners! They are such fun!!!!! Take care girl! XO

      1. Happy, Happy Birthday!!
        I totally agree with your views on getting older. My sweet Mom just turned 81 on the 3rd of March. She still has her circle of friends and they’re always off doing something. She says as long as she’s able she’ll be this way. I will be 57 in September and I’m easier on myself these days than I was when I was younger.

        1. Hi Connie…. THANK YOU for the birthday message! I see the same thing in my mom and such an INSPIRING thing. It goes to show you how important those relationships with girlfriends are! I hope you are well and happy and so glad to hear that you’re not as hard on yourself as you used to be. 🙂 XO

    1. Erin…… THANK YOU THANK YOU! You are the sweetest! You take care and thanks for stopping by girl! XOXO

    1. Mira how sweet of you…… THANK YOU! That’s so thoughtful of you to say! And thanks for stopping by! XO

  2. Happy birthday, Shauna! You’re a wonderful inspiration and I wish there were women in our age bracket who feel the same as you! I’ve always said that aging isn’t nearly as bad as I expected it would be but that my good health has played a huge part in that. I recently have had some health issues preventing me from exercising like I want and am waiting for test results which could reveal a more serious problem. This has had a large impact on overall well-being. Hopefully, all will be in the rear view mirror soon. 😉 Have a great birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday Shauna, March 18th is a Birthday I won’t ever forget my best Friend in Germany also had her Birthday today ,She passed away several Years ago She was very ill, I will be 77 in May,I love your Blog you keep me inspired and young at Heart. Have a wonderful Birthday. xo

    1. Rita….. what a special friend you had, and hopefully you carry LOTS OF SWEET MEMORIES in your heart of her! Thank you so much for your BEAUTIFUL and KIND words! Have a lovely day! XO

  4. Shauna, I just found your blog a week or two ago. Didn’t know what I was missing! You are an inspiration. Thank you. A very Happy Birthday to you….and many, many more. We are truly getting better and more confident.

    1. Pam THANK YOU! I’m so happy to hear from you! How did you find me? Thanks for your birthday wishes! And for sure with age comes CONFIDENCE girl!!!!!!!!! Take care! XO

      1. Well actually it was a round-about way through one of our favorites: Chicos! Have loved them for years. I searched on Google for “blogs for women over 50” and bingo! There was the link to your blog. And I’ve been reading and trying to get caught up ever since! Lol. Your photos are so much fun to look through. Great ideas. Thank you again for the inspiration. And judging by all the posts here, we all appreciate you and the spirit you convey. Happy Spring Shauna and enjoy the weekend! 🙂

        1. Pam YES! I LOVE working with CHICOS. They are an AWESOME company!!! I’ll be doing a LIVE with them on Instagram next Wednesday afternoon 3MST. It will be broadcast on Chicos Instagram feed. I’ll be talking about spring fashion and styling tips!!!! You are so sweet. It’s been fun talking to you! Have a wonderful weekend! XO

  5. Happy, healthy and safe birthday and thank you for inspiring us to be our best, most colorful selves!

    1. Jan THANK YOU! Color is so much FUN! You are the sweetest to take the time to send me birthday messages! I APPRECIATE that SO MUCH! Take care! XOXO

  6. Hey Shauna…Happy Birthday and many more!! I love following you and all you do. You first caught my eye cause we have same haircut…only I cut my own!! I’m 71 in May and only married five years. Life is full of surprises!!!

    1. Evelyn that’s awesome!!!!! I’ve actually been snipping at my hair too during this passed year! And life truly is FULL OF SURPRISES!!!!!!!!!! Take care sweet friend! XO

    2. Happy birthday, and thanks for lots of inspiration! Sitting on the bus on my way to job, rain pouring down, reading your blog makes me smile, life is pretty ok! I think I will buy myself a yellow shirt today, because the colour makes me happy😊 Love from a Norwegian who just turned 50😊

      1. Laila….. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the birthday wishes! Did you get yourself a YELLOW shirt? It absolutely is the happiest color and hope that you did and hope that IT DID MAKE YOUR DAY HAPPIER! Thank you for stopping by and take care all the way in Norway! I’d love to visit some day! XO

  7. I hope you had a wonderful birthday Shauna! I’m just a few years older than you, still feeling like I’m in my 40’s (my best decade for several reasons). I’ve been following/enjoying your blog for years, and while I’ve mostly had short hair, you helped me go from the every 6 week color touch-ups to embracing my mostly white hair almost 2 years ago. I hope you and your honey take a day trip into Nevada again and go up the road from this shoot to Goodsprings, to the Pioneer Bar where it is believed Clark Gable waited while a search was done on Mt. Potosi for the plane crash that killed his wife, Carole Lombard. It’s quite rustic and picturesque, and the food is pretty good too!

    1. Hello Tracy! Thank you for stopping by and for the SWEET BIRTHDAY messages! I’m so happy to hear that you are embracing your silver hair! It makes things SO MUCH EASIER….. right? That little day trip sounds fabulous!!! That’s now on my list of things to do with my honey! Take care and have a wonderful weekend! XO

    1. Rene YES YES! Happy Birthday to you this year…. 67 and you’ve only just begun girl!!!! That’s AWESOME! XO

  8. Thanks for this post! I turn 60 in August. I had cancer a little over 3 years ago and a few months later had to have a colon resection. I’m extremely happy to turn 60 this year! I wake up in the morning and thank God for this day, every day. The alternative is not. I love your blog-keep them coming

    1. Hi Lori….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY in August! Wow you’ve been through a LOT at your age. You just keep staying positive because I know for sure, that OPTIMISM and recognizing the little things in life, truly brings SUCH HAPPINESS! Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words, and taking the time to comment here. Hope to hear back from you soon with an update!!!!!! Take care! XO

  9. Well Happy Birthday Shauna! I will be turning 70 in July and while I have never been one to be scared of numbers this one seems a little daunting! I am going to keep this post and re-read it on my birthday. I hope your day is filled with happiness and wish you many more!

    1. Ruth….. THANK YOU for stopping by. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY in July!!!! Don’t you still feel like you’re in your 30’s? On many levels I do. It’s funny because we ALL heard that from our mother’s growing up! Age is a funny thing, and I think as long as we can maintain a HEALTHY and HAPPY lifestyle….. life can feel amazing at ANY AGE! Take care Ruth! XO

  10. Happy birthday Shauna!!! I turned 61 in January and had wonderful celebrations with family and friends. Life is a celebration. Life is a gift. I am filled with so much gratitude to be able to share with my wonderful family and my dearest friends.

    1. Hi Paula…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY in January!!!! So HAPPY that it was a beautiful one for you! FAMILY and FRIENDS are truly the greatest of all gifts!!!! Take care and continue to BE FABULOUS! XO

  11. I also love my birthday I will be 53 , in April I found you by accident one day on Pinterest and love your words of encouragement and keeping up beat .
    I have followed you ever since and can relate to a few things that you speak of on a personal note .
    Thank you Happy birthday 🎉🤗

    1. Deeann so happy to hear that you LOVE YOUR BIRTHDAY! And I’m so happy you found me…. a lot of people find me there on Pinterest! I hope you are well and happy! Take care….. life is a journey, so TRUST IT! Hope to hear from you again soon girl! XO

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