When In Rome


SheShe’s jumpsuit is here and Jamie’s dress is here, both from CHICOS!

WHEN IN ROME……this is what went down with my two blogging buddies, the #bellababes! I have posted so much already on my Instagram, if you follow me there, you’ll see some of the posts from this MOST AMAZING trip! Words aren’t even enough to describe the FUN, the FRIENDSHIP, and the SITES and SOUNDS of Italy! This is my first installment, with Florence and Assisi coming later.

Their HEAD GEAR…..Seriously!

We…SheShe and Jamie, had been planning this trip for several months! Thank heavens for Jamie (our #ladyboss) who kept us organized throughout our planning and our trip! We all met up so giddy and excited, in Dallas. We then boarded a non-stop flight to Rome…..all seating together! The fun was over-the-top as you can see….their head gear was hilarious! Our luggage was ADORABLE…from AMERICAN TOURISTER. Mine was the smallest….but the cutest! I was so impressed with this brand, and had never used it before. But it was super lightweight and yet very sturdy. I LOVED having the expandable option with this bag! EVERYTHING fit in so nicely, but then allowed extra room for souvenirs!

American Tourister STYLE!

I must say that as I packed I did it SO EFFICIENTLY!!! NEVER before have I packed SO WELL. My blog about that is here, and I’m convinced that this is the only way to pack! I didn’t even wear everything, and still had extra room! Just AMAZING……right?

Let The FUN Begin!
Always Coordinated In Chicos Style!
Chicos Denim and Stripes Were The Perfect Street Style!

My SHOES can be found right here…..LOVE these! My earrings are here.

When we arrived in Rome, it was early morning. We were lucky that we didn’t have to wait too long for our rooms at the GORGEOUS Harry’s Bar Trevi located in the HEART OF ROME! We literally were right next to the Trevi Fountain!!! We were BEYOND EXCITED to be in such a fantastic location!!!!!! After we grabbed a bite to eat and walked around a bit….and of course took a picture in our CHICOS fashion, we rested some in our rooms before our next planned event!

A little downtime helped restore our energy so we could go visit Father Thomas at St. Peter’s Basilica. This was a really SPECIAL experience that SheShe had arranged for us. What an awesome evening with him as he showed us all through the cathedral, pointing out specific pieces of artwork and facts about this amazing church! The most interesting thing to me was his personal journey of becoming a priest. This wasn’t his plan, and it was obvious that this was his path….meant to be. He was so kind, and engaging, and genuinely interested in us as bloggers. I LOVED my time with him…..it really was a spiritual experience and definitely the highlight of our time in ROME! You can follow Father Thomas on Instagram @fr.tm.lc

When we were all done with Father Thomas, he gave us each a token. How sweet is that? We were thrilled, and each started to envision what we would do with our tokens!!!! What a special keepsake from our time with him! Thank you Father Thomas!!!!!!

My cozy sweater is here and Jamie’s is here.

Such A MEMORABLE Evening With Father Thomas!
Tokens Give To Us From Father Thomas!

The next morning we somehow woke up on the rooftop of the Harry’s Bar Trevi in the cutest Soma Intimates jammies ever! Well, not really, but almost! It was just a few steps up from our room! There we had the most incredible view of the Trevi Fountain. We were all pinching ourselves, as we had to have had the best view in town. What a picture….all set up by “US” and my trusty tripod! I’m always happy to be in charge of pictures as we travel about!! We LOVE wearing Soma! I’ve said it over and over, but they REALLY DO have the best sleepwear! So COOL and COMFY!

SOMA Has The Cutest Collection Of Jammies!

We quickly changed in to our Chicos Black Label Style, and trekked up the hill and around the corner to yet another beautiful location in the heart of Rome. Why does everything look better in Italy??? It was such a gorgeous backdrop for our Chicos outfits!!! THIS is my favorite picture of all our trip! This collection from Chicos is their finest! Some of the items are sold out, but you can shop the current collection right here.

We were then whisked off with our driver to our next destination of Florence! Although Rome was very short and sweet, I think being able to stay in such a luxurious hotel as Harry’s Bar Trevi, and then our visit to St. Peter’s Basilica…..it truly left us with WONDERFUL MEMORIES of ROME! Ahhhhhh….WHEN IN ROME………..

Stay tuned in the next weeks for details of Florence and Assisi!

Shauna XO

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