My Routine with Life Sprout Bioceutical’s Energia

Friends, you know I’m all about HEALTH! My routine with LIFE SPROUT BIOCEUTICAL’S ENERGIA is paying off in big ways! It’s definitely part of my regimen every morning AND afternoon. I have ALWAYS been an advocate for healthy living and taking care of yourself. At 59 years old, I do feel HEALTHY and VIBRANT and feel like as a woman my age, I’m blessed……not LUCKY, blessed. My hard work throughout the years, has definitely paid off!!!

I take one tablet in the morning when I eat, and the 2nd tablet I take in the late afternoon when I feel the most sluggish. Although my energy level is pretty high, ENERGIA really, really gives me an added boost! I feel like I’m more focused and driven, which in my job, I have to be! The benefits of this amazing supplement are reduced fatigue, boost in your metabolism, B-12 deficiencies, and even help with seasonal affective disorder and hypothyroidism!

Did you know that B-12 has been proven to REV UP YOUR METABOLISM? Yes it does. If you’re feeling sluggish, ENERGIA can help with that issue. Every woman my age knows that as we get older our metabolism slows way, WAY down! Such a bummer, but it’s true. In order to maintain our weight we have to move more and eat less. So if there’s something out there that can help us a bit…..I’m all for it!

I’ve also used other Life Sprout products as well. Here I’m talking about BEAUTIFY! I love this one too! This one targets HAIR, SKIN, and NAILS! This company really does put out some amazing products, ALL of which I’m completely confident in!!!!

So….you see that I’m a believer in my routine with LIFE SPROUT BIOCEUTICAL’S ENERGIA dietary supplements! And I’m a huge fan of preventative medicine, all of which using this is! Women….we must take care of ourselves. I’m not perfect by any means, but I work at my health every single day! My health is EVERYTHING to me. And LIFE SPROUT is definitely a part of that!

Shauna XO